Jamabo Opts for the Bruins

Feb. 4 -- The nation's No. 1 running back decided to leave home for college and head to UCLA...

There's been plenty of talk that Sotonye Jamabo, the nation's No. 1 running back, is an L.A. type of kid, and on Wednesday he made it official live on ESPNU: he's going to UCLA.

"My first school is the University of California, Los Angeles, and my second school is the University of California, Los Angeles," Jamabo said, putting two hats on the table. "Obviously, one of the top public institutions in the country."

Jamabo, who reportedly eliminated Texas on Monday, is yet another No. 1 ranked player for UCLA, and will join No. 1 ranked quarterback Josh Rosen in the UCLA backfield for the next four years. The long, athletic Jamabo should be an instant impact contributor, and has the versatility to split out as a receiver if need be.

"Coach Mora has got something great going on," Jamabo said. "It's the start of something great. I've developed a great relationship with Josh Rosen, and a bunch of recruits that have signed, and other that haven't yet signed."

With Jamabo's commitment, running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu has snagged his man two years in a row, securing Nate Starks last year and signing Jamabo this year.

"I feel like I"m a running back," Jamabo said. "Either one is fine, receiver or running back."

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