Get to Know 2016: Caleb Kelly

Feb. 9 -- Caleb Kelly, the linebacker from Fresno Clovis West, is the #1 overall prospect in the west for 2016 -- and he likes UCLA...

Kelly is the #1 prospect overall in the west for 2016, and #9 nationally, for a reason: He's the quintessential high school linebacker prospect. He has good size at a solid 6'2" and 220 - but he still has some leanness to him, which is what you want halfway through his junior year so he has room to put on good weight in college. That means he'll probably end up 6'2"+ and easily be 245 by his college sophomore year. He's one of the most athletic linebacker prospects we've seen in years, with an ability to change direction and run instantly, with very good speed. His instincts are truly what makes him stand out, being able to see a play many times before it even develops. He's especially good in coverage, having the flexibility to drop and turn like a defensive back and then, again, those great instincts. While playes are too-often compared to Myles Jack, Kelly is the same type of player, with the athleticism and coverage skills to play that outside linebacker position at UCLA.

UCLA OFFER: It's believed that UCLA is Kelly's early leader. He has made indications, and has shown UCLA some love, coming to its camp last summer, and UCLA games last fall, including the UCLA/USC game. He has dozens of scholarship offers already and will have his choice of wherever he wants to go in the country. USC will also put a fast break on him, but the word is that Kelly doesn't have a special affinity for the Trojans. Kelly's recruitment is going to be a long haul and probably have a few twists and turns, but UCLA is in a good position at it starts on the roller coaster ride.

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