Rabb Updates Recruitment

Feb. 10 -- What's the latest with five-star 2015 power forward Ivan Rabb? The Bishop O'Dowd standout breaks down his recruitment...

It's been a busy few months for 6-foot-10, 220-pound Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd power forward Ivan Rabb.

The 2015 five-star prospect has been trying to help his high school squad, currently 17-4 with no in-state losses, compete for a state title, while also making progress on his recruitment.

Rabb has taken official visits to Kentucky and Arizona, while he's spent a lot of time on local California's campus for unofficial visits.

He still has to see UCLA and Kansas officially before he's ready to make a decision.

"I want to do one visit this month and then the other next month," Rabb said. "I haven't set up the dates yet."

Rabb was most recently on Cal's campus for to watch the Golden Bears take on Arizona.

"I went and they lost the game to Arizona but it was a good game for me to go and see both teams, see where I fit into those programs," he said.

The fact that Cal is on a four-game winning streak is something that Rabb has taken note of.

"Cal has been winning of late," Rabb said. "Of course they need to get better, just like every other team that is recruiting me, but I need to take everything into consideration and make the best decision for myself.

"I want to go to a team that's going to win and that's going to put me in position to be successful. I feel like all the teams on my list can put me in position to be successful; it's just where I fit in the best."

Rabb has watched Arizona twice in-person since the new year and has gotten a better feel for the program.

"I definitely like the program and see where I fit in," Rabb said of Arizona. "They do a lot of things with Brandon Ashley on the block. He gets a lot of one on one matchups and I think that's where I thrive.

"Of course I need to get better when I'm doubled, but in a one on one matchup, I don't feel like there's anyone who can guard me. They do a lot of things to get their bigs open and I really like that."

After taking his first official visit to Kentucky, Rabb has also monitored the Wildcats' program.

"They're on TV so I can watch them all the time," he said. "Lately I haven't seen them as much because I'm so busy but when we slow down a little bit, I'll watch more.

"I like the leap that all their players take. They just get better, rapidly. I know how much work they put in because when I visited there, I saw how tired they were and how dedicated they have to be working out and in the classroom."

Taking a visit to UCLA will allow him to learn more about the Bruins, but he still has a pretty good idea feel for program.

"I like how UCLA's bigs do different things on the court," said Rabb. "They facilitate, they score, they bring the ball up the court and they just do a whole bunch of things. I know I could showcase my game there."

Kansas is another school that Rabb hasn't seen yet, but is plenty familiar with.

"Kansas told me it's not called high/low action, but they do a lot of high/low stuff," he said. "They challenge their players to play really hard and I think sometimes that's what I need, because I don't always go 100% whether I know it or not. I think I need someone to challenge me and I know coach (Bill) Self will definitely challenge me."

It's been a long recruiting process for Rabb, who doesn't want to make a decision until he knows for sure it's the right place.

"I'm definitely ready to get it over with but I don't want to rush my decision and make the wrong choice," Rabb said. "I want to take my time with it."

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