Scout Team Review: Offense

Feb. 10 -- Offensively, UCLA was actually able to redshirt some guys who project well...

Scout Team Review: Offense

Carl Hulick DL (6’2, 288) RS SO — We actually mistakenly included Hulick in this story since he’s listed as an offensive player on the official roster, but he switched to the defensive line midseason. Hulick practices with real aggression, but probably lacks the explosion and flexibility to make a huge impact on the defensive line. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes in spring — if he flips back to the offense, or stays with the DL.

2015 Projection: Backup DT
Long-term Projection: Backup DT

Colby Cyburt OT (6’3, 265) RS SO — Cyburt has had a long road to recovery from the back injury he suffered prior to his freshman year. He’s shown a good attitude throughout the process, but it’s been a struggle to get his body back to where it was pre-injury. At this point, it might be a tall order to project him getting playing time, but he adds good value on the Scout team.

2015 Projection: Backup OL
Long-term Projection: Backup OL

Najee Toran.
Najee Toran OG (6’1, 275) FR — We’ve included Toran here even though he started the first game of the year — after all, he didn’t play thereafter. Though his first game did not go particularly well, he continued to show excellent explosion, tenacity, and a great mean streak during practice throughout the year. As Tracy has written, we’ve heard there’s a real chance he could be moved to the defensive line at some point between spring and fall camp, where he could project as a potentially very good defensive tackle, with his aggressive playing style and low center of gravity.

2015 Projection: Backup DT
Long-term Projection: Potential Starter

Simon Goines OT (6’7, 325) JR — Goines finally started to practice about halfway through the year, and he actually looked like he could have played toward the latter part of the season if UCLA had desperately needed him. The question for Goines is always going to be how his lower legs hold up to the rigors of a full season. At 6’7, and a little bit top heavy, his legs get a good amount of strain. It’ll be very good if he can make it through spring relatively unscathed. At this point, we’d anticipate him competing with Zach Bateman (and potentially Caleb Benenoch, if he doesn’t switch to guard) for the right tackle job.

2015 Projection: Potential starter
Long-term Projection: Potential starter

Poasi Moala OT (6’4, 275) RS FR — Moala actually got some time this year basically playing a fullback/tight end position and looked pretty good doing it, showing good mobility. The light bulb seemed like it was starting to flicker on with him toward the end of last season, which is a very positive sign for the future. Moala has all the athletic ability to be a big-time tackle (or guard) for UCLA, and he seemed to be putting it together with a better understanding of the game and what he needs to bring the table every play. Putting on a bit more weight is going to be big for him, and while he might not win a starting job this year as he continues to build up his body, we wouldn’t be shocked to see him starting his last two years in the program.

2015 Projection: Backup Right Tackle
Long-term Projection: Starting Right Tackle

John Lopez OG (6’5, 305) RS FR — Lopez hasn’t flashed a ton of upside in his time at UCLA, and with the way guard depth is building, he’s going to have to have a big spring to keep from getting buried.

2015 Projection: Backup Guard
Long-term Projection: Backup Guard

Kolton Miller OT (6’8, 300) FR — Miller was another pleasant surprise on the offensive line. He’s a pretty good athlete and bends well for his size, which is critical for a tackle of his height. He has good length and moves his feet well. He’s still pretty raw, and is going to need to continue to develop his body, but in a couple of years, we wouldn’t be too shocked to see him starting.

2015 Projection: Backup Tackle
Long-term Projection: Potential Starter

Asiantii Woulard.
Asiantii Woulard QB (6’3, 210) RS FR — Woulard flashed a lot of upside when we first laid eyes on him in fall camp before the 2013 season. He had a rocket arm, good size, and the athletic ability to provide a credible running threat. Since then, though, he just hasn’t looked as good. He has struggled identifying coverages in practice, and he just hasn’t improved a great deal in his feel for the position, often making slow or poor decisions. He’s also seemingly adjusted his throwing motion, trying to make it shorter, and that adjustment has appeared to sacrifice some of the natural velocity of his throws. His progression has basically stagnated, and that’s the main reason Jerry Neuheisel, who has very few of Woulard’s physical tools, leapt ahead of him on the depth chart. Now, entering spring, Woulard will need to have improved considerably if he’s going to be a significant part of the competition for the open quarterback spot.

2015 Projection: 3rd String Quarterback
Long-term Projection: 3rd String Quarterback

Aaron Sharp QB (6’2, 200) FR — Sharp actually threw the ball pretty well in fall camp, enough so for us to think that he had a chance to stick at quarterback long-term. Once we got a better look at him in Westwood, though, we had some more concerns. He throws pretty well on short stuff, but on anything intermediate-to-deep, his throws can vary wildly in accuracy, velocity, and touch, with some sailing wildly beyond his receivers. In terms of identifying coverages, he’s still in the nascent stages of his development. He is a very good athlete, though, which has led to considerable speculation that he could make a permanent switch to wide receiver. He actually practiced significantly at receiver starting at about the midpoint of the season and looked pretty good running routes. He’s pretty fast — maybe not Kenneth Walker, but probably faster than the Jordan Paytons/Devin Luciens of the world — and he showed pretty good hands from what we saw of him. We’d expect him to get a shot at the quarterback job to start spring, but if it becomes obvious that another one or two guys are clearly in the lead there, we would expect the switch to receiver to become permanent before too long passes.

2015 Projection: Backup Wide Receiver
Long-term Projection: Potential Starting Receiver

Craig Lee RB (5’11, 185) RS FR — At this point, Lee’s saga has been fairly well-documented. He didn’t play this past year despite being one of the fastest players on the team, and while you can point to Paul Perkins’ emergence as a big part of that, there are still some questions about why he hasn’t gotten any snaps at all. He hasn’t picked up the offense and his assignments as fast as you’d like, and probably couldn’t be an every down back at this point of his career because of those issues, but we do think his speed could be utilized more than it has been. With Sotonye Jamabo coming in to make the backfield even more crowded, though, he’s going to have to develop quickly.

2015 Projection: Backup Running Back (3rd or 4th string)
Long-term Projection: Backup Running Back (2nd or 3rd string)

Jordan Lasley WR (6’0 190) FR — Lasley was easily the Offensive MVP of the Scout team for us. He developed his body considerably throughout the year, looking like he’d gained five to ten pounds of muscle by the end of the year without sacrificing any of his speed. He has very good speed, catches the ball really well, and really seemed to improve as a route runner under the tutelage of Eric Yarber. Toward the end of the season, he really seemed to hit his stride on the Scout team as he routinely torched the defense for long gains and highlight catches. With a full offseason under his belt, we’d expect him to be a significant contributor in his second year in the program and then a potential three-year starter after the departure of Jordan Payton, Devin Lucien, and Devin Fuller.

2015 Projection: Backup X (significant contributor)
Long-term Projection: Two- or three-year starter

Darren Andrews WR (5’10, 185) SO — Andrews was out for the entirety of the season after undergoing micro-fracture surgery on his knee. We would expect him back as at least a partial participant in spring practice, and that’ll give us an indication of whether he’ll be able to contribute this season. In the time he’s been out, though, the receiving corps has only gotten deeper, so he’ll have a climb ahead of him.

2015 Projection: Backup F
Long-term Projection: Backup F

Ahmaad Harris WR (5’6, 165) RS SO — Harris actually played this year, and caught a pass, which was a pleasant surprise. He’s very slight of frame, so it would be a very tall order for him to develop into anything beyond a spot-work player, but we honestly never expected him to actually play meaningful snaps in a game, so he may surprise us again.

2015 Projection: Backup F
Long-term Projection: Backup F

Alex Van Dyke.
Alex Van Dyke WR (6’3, 212) FR — Van Dyke burned his redshirt this past year, which was probably a mistake in retrospect. He only played a bare handful of snaps the entire year, and didn’t look physically ready to contribute much more beyond that. He’s probably a bit taller than his listed 6’3, and he has real potential to develop into a Y down the road, but that’s going to require a significant amount of physical development. He’s a good athlete, and runs well for his height. If he can get stronger, he could give UCLA a lot of what Thomas Duarte brings to the table.

2015 Projection: Backup Y
Long-term Projection: Potential Starting Y

Austin Roberts WR (6’2, 215) FR — It’s my fault Roberts got injured; I made it clear over the summer that he was the player that I was most excited to see in fall camp, and naturally that pretty much doomed him. He sat out the entire year after tearing his ACL, and he probably won’t be completely ready for spring camp. Everything we heard about him from summer workouts, though, was encouraging, and if he can regain his speed and athleticism (and with the way ACL surgeries go these days, that’s almost assured), he might end up one of the true jewels of the 2014 class.

2015 Projection: Backup Receiver
Long-term Projection: Potential Starter

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