VIDEO: Alford after Oregon State

Feb. 12 -- The head coach talks about the offensive performance in the win over the Beavers...

Opening statement:
I’m really pleased with our guys coming back off of a road trip where I thought we played well. Our energy was terrific tonight. We established ourselves defensively in the first half by holding them to 25 points and 26 percent shooting. I thought we got really good play out of Isaac (Hamilton) and Bryce (Alford) tonight. Also, having Tony (Parker) makes a big difference. We didn’t have him in the first game and he comes back and has a double-double tonight. I thought Thomas (Welsh) came in off of the bench and gave us some good stuff and Kevon (Looney) does what Kevon does. I’m really proud of the team and we have a big one coming up on Saturday versus Oregon.

On the team improvement:
I think we’re getting better. I told the guys when we got back from our road trip that I thought we played really well. I thought we did a lot of really good things in both of those games (at Stanford and at California). There’s sometimes you win and don’t get better, and there’s sometimes you lose and still get better. I thought we lost at Cal, but we got better. We’ve been playing at a higher level. We played really well against Utah, backed it up with a good game against Colorado and then we went on the road and played the best we’ve played on the road all year. We’re in a stretch here where we’ve been playing some really good basketball and we’re going to need that.

On the offensive focus:
When you have someone like Tony (Parker) inside, it opens things up. Tony did a really good job tonight, even if he didn’t get the ball, of being a presence down there. Their (Oregon State) zone got a little bit flatter. We wanted to screen the top and Kevon (Looney) and GG (Gyorgy Golomon) did a great job of screening the top. Then, we just wanted to make plays and attack. Their zone gets you standing around to where you end up not running anything. We were a little careless on the break, but other than that I thought we did a really good job of getting them out of their zone.

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