VIDEO: Players after Victory

Feb. 12 -- Bryce Alford, Tony Parker, and Isaac Hamilton talk after the 75-59 win over Oregon State...

Bryce Alford and Tony Parker:

Isaac Hamilton:

Bryce Alford
On his early three-pointers:
It was big to hit those outside shots against the zone. To hit them at the beginning of the game, it becomes a factor and forces them make an adjustment.

On having Tony Parker in the lineup:
Not having him up there made a huge difference. Tony did a great job today because we wanted to go inside out. Thomas (Welsh) also came in off of the bench and was a physical presence out there. He also did a great job with his right-hand hook.

Tony Parker
On the team’s overall performance:
We just went out and played hard and free. Also, when we guard like that, we are very hard to beat.

On getting to the free-throw line:
Just like I said before, we just played hard and tried to create contact early. The referees had no choice but to call fouls. As a team, we looked at the California tape and realized we didn’t get many fouls. We wanted to change that tonight.

Isaac Hamilton
On hitting early three's:
The last game up there, we didn’t penetrate the zone, but this game we initially attacked the zone and hit the threes which gave our team confidence.

On their defense the first time against Oregon State:
Last game our defense wasn’t as good, so they scored more points on us. They also got a lot of points in transition. We used a new defense called “three” and I think that helped us a lot.

On his career-high in assists:
I just decided to penetrate, kick and attack the zone. It really was a game plan that we had for tonight.

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