A Big Winter for Eletise

Feb. 13 -- Kaiser (Hawaii) offensive guard Michael Eletise has picked up a total of 8 offers this off-season...

Michael Eletise has been one of the best interior linemen in Hawaii for the past two years, but it wasn't until his junior highlights were produced that colleges really took notice. Colorado offered him last summer, but outside of the Buffs, nobody pulled the trigger until last month.

"It's been pretty crazy," Eletise claimed. "It seemed like for a while no offers were really coming, but now they won't stop coming. Each and every offer that is coming in is really humbling and a blessing. Most recently, I've picked up offers from Kansas, Arizona, and California. Last month, I picked up offers from Texas Tech, Hawaii, UCLA, and Arizona State. Colorado offered me a while ago. So, I have a total of eight offers. I've looked at each of the programs a little bit and I have some great options."

Eletise doesn't have an exact timetable, but he has a general idea of what he is hoping to do.

"You can't make any serious decisions without visiting a few schools," Eletise explained. "I'm going to do my homework over the next few months and narrow my list down. For me, it's all about where I can see myself fitting in. I need to look at the schemes, coaches, personnel, location, academics, and all that stuff. This is a huge decision. When I feel like the time has come, I will narrow the list and take some trips. I'm in no rush. I'll let this play out into my senior year, for sure."

Eletise has only visited one campus, but he came away impressed. He already knows that school will be in the mix when it comes time to cut down his list.

"I went out to UCLA a few weeks ago and that was a great trip," Eletise said. "I really like what the Bruins have to offer. They have great academics, a good coaching staff, and a lot of good things happening there. Texas Tech is another school that has jumped out at me early. Coach Smith (Mike) has come by my school a few times, and I can tell they really want me. I'm in no rush to name any leaders or anything, but UCLA and Texas Tech are looking pretty good right now."

Eletise is a strong student, and while he doesn't know what he wants to major in, he has a few subjects that he is interested in studying.

"It's tough to say that I know what I want to study in college," Eletise shared. "There are a lot of things I am interested in, but Marine Biology, Child Psychology, and Physical Therapy are the three main ones that stand out to me. I know they are all kind of different, but those are all fields that interest me. Marine Biology is my favorite subject in school, I feel like being able to help at-risk children would be really rewarding, and PT would be cool, because I could work with athletes. I hope to make it to the NFL, but you always need a great fall back option. That's why academics are so important to me."

Eletise's mentor on the gridiron is 6x Pro Bowler Olin Kreutz. The Hawaii legend has worked extensively with the powerful 2016 interior linemen and it shows. Eletise is a great technician, with tremendous quickness and a good punch.

"I was incredibly humbled when I found out that Scout named me the top offensive guard out West and ranked me as a four-star," Eletise exclaimed. "Obviously, with that kind of hype and notoriety the expectations go up. There's a target on me now. Everyone wants to give me their best, everyone wants to see if I'm the real deal, and all that stuff. I don't want to just live up to that, I want to exceed it. It's nice to know that the hard work is paying off, but there is no end in sight."

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