Modster Biding His Time

Feb. 13 -- Four-star quarterback Devon Modster has four scholarship offers, and is waiting on more...

It’s the anxiety before the storm for Las Flores (Calif.) Tesoro’s Devon Modster, as the four-star quarterback sits with four scholarship offers heading into 7-on-7 season and the spring evaluation period. It’s likely that he’ll gain double-digit offers before too much longer passes, but for the young quarterback, the present situation is a bit concerning.

“I really didn’t know it would go like this,” Modster said. “I had heard that teams generally don’t offer you during the season, but I didn’t really expect it to be something where you wait until late in the spring.”

Alleviating some of his concerns, recently Kansas and Colorado State have jumped on board, to go along with offers from Arizona and Arizona State.

“Kansas offered three days ago,” Modster said. “Colorado State offered last week. Colorado State came by during the last evaluation period and told me they were going to offer, so that wasn’t a shock, but Kansas kind of came out of the blue. I guess the coach from California moves to Kansas and he already knew about me, (new Jayhawks offensive coordinator Rob) Likens. He had been recruiting me for a while.”

The question, though, is when more Pac-12 schools are going to pull the trigger on Modster, who’s the No. 4 quarterback in the West and the No. 15 quarterback nationally.

“I think Cal is going to offer me (today),” Modster said. “My coach told me to call the coach up there, so I think that might be happening. They came by after the season this year and they told me they liked me a lot. The offensive line coach is the area recruiter and he said they were going to offer me. It’s definitely a school I’m interested in.”

But that’s about all that’s on the immediate horizon for Modster. He said he might even check in with a few schools in the coming weeks to gauge their interest in him.

UCLA hasn’t offered me yet, but I still keep in touch with (quarterbacks coach) Taylor Mazzone,” Modster said. “He said he likes me a lot, but they still haven’t offered me, so I don’t know. I’ll probably give him a call next week just to see what’s going on. I like UCLA, and I visited down there for the USC game last year, and that was a lot of fun.

“I think if Cal offers me, other schools might jump on board.”

Modster’s dad, who’s a fireman, worked across the street from USC when Modster was growing up, so he has a built-in connection to the L.A. schools.

“I was kind of a USC fan growing up, since my dad worked across the street,” Modster said. “UCLA, too, I watched both of those teams. One of the coaches from USC just started following me on Twitter, so that might mean they’re thinking about recruiting me.”

Modster is a two-sport athlete at the high school level, and between his obligations to both basketball and his 7-on-7 play, he’s pretty limited on visits he can take this spring.

“Both Arizona schools wanted me to come to their junior days, but I have 7-on-7s and camps on those days, so I wouldn’t be able to make it,” Modster said. “I actually can’t schedule really any unofficial visits right now because I’m in basketball, and we’ve got to gear up for the playoffs and all that.”

Modster, who says he’s 6’2, plays small forward, shooting guard, and power forward at the high school level. He says that playing basketball has actually helped improve his mobility on the football field.

“I can really move outside of the pocket,” Modster said of his strength as a quarterback. “I need to work on being a little more disciplined when I’m in the pocket. I know in college I won’t be able to move around as much, so that’s a big area I need to improve.”

In terms of his college choice, Modster has the usual list of things he’ll be looking for, but did say he wouldn’t be worried too much about the depth chart in front of him.

“I’m definitely going to look at how the system is,” Modster said. “I want to meet all the coaches and see how they run practices, to see if that’s a good fit for me. And then I’ll want to look at the school environment and what I want to major in. But I don’t really even know what I want to major in yet, so we’re still early. I don't really care about depth charts as long as I get a chance to compete.”

Many quarterbacks like to make their decisions early, but it doesn’t sound like Modster will be a spring commitment.

“I’m probably not going to commit anywhere until my season starts,” Modster said. “I still need to sit down with my quarterback coach and my parents to figure out which schools I’m interested in, and then I’ll probably narrow it down to five or seven and visit each of them."

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