VIDEO: Players after Victory

Feb. 14 -- Tony Parker, Norman Powell, and Kevon Looney talk after the 72-63 win over Oregon...

Tony Parker and Norman Powell:

Kevon Looney:

Tony Parker
On his blocks:
I felt like we had to do a lot to protect the basket. In the last game, they got a lot of dunks, so I really wanted to protect the rim. We just played position rebound. Kevon and I just did what he usually does.

On the team's confidence
We are just playing better as a team right now. I especially love the lob that I threw to Norman tonight. That was my Chris Paul moment.

Kevon Looney
On the teams confidence:
I have to say yes, we have better experience now. It was new for us initially, but I think we are ready now for stuff like this.

On his consistency:
I really thought I could be good. I worked all summer with Coach Alford about what I was going to be doing. Now I’m just really confident on what I can do.

On the team's fast start:
Coach really talked to us about getting a fast start. The last time we played them, they went out to a 15-4 lead, so we knew we had to start out strong.

Norman Powell
On his first-half dunk:
I would probably rate this dunk a top-five dunk. I knew that they really liked to hedge on screens and I saw a slight opening and the rest was just instincts.

On his struggles against Oregon State:
I just really tried to be more effective this game. I decided to be more aggressive and drive to the basket.

On the Arizona road trip:
We are ready. We want to establish a good road resume. We have to focus on how we approach Arizona State first and then prepare for Arizona.

On the UCLA fans:
We like it when the fans come out like they did this afternoon. We like it when they make a lot of noise and distract the other team when they shoot free throws. We also know that it really depends on the time of the game, weeknight starts such as 7 or 8 aren’t easy, because L.A. traffic can be tough.

On the last home stretch:
We really want to finish 3-0 at home and finish strong.

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