Osa Wants To Check Out UCLA

Feb. 19 -- The Portland (Ore.) David Douglas defensive lineman, Osa Odighizuwa, is hoping to visit UCLA as a recruit...

Portland (Ore.) David Douglas defensive lineman Osa Odighizuwa (6-3, 250) is deep into wrestling season, but several schools are still reaching out to him.

The three-star has offers from UCLA and Boise State, the Broncos offering on Signing Day.

“And I think Washington and Oregon State could be the next schools to offer,” said Odighizuwa. “I’ve been talking with them a lot lately.”

The Broncos followed the Bruins in offering Odighizuwa.

“Coach (Eliah) Drinkwitz got in touch with me and he offered me as a general defensive lineman,” said Odighizuwa.

The Bruins, meanwhile, continue to be in a good place for Odighizuwa, who’s older brother, Owa, just finished with UCLA and is at the NFL Combine now.

“I actually spoke with Angus (McClure) on Sunday,” said Odighizuwa. “We talk a lot. He’s the coach who offered me.”

Odighizuwa said that his brother has made his point about the Bruins but isn’t pushing him there.

“Owa just wanted me to go and be happy somewhere,” said Odighizuwa. “He wants me to go where it’s best for me. Of course, he said it would be cool if that is at UCLA. But at the end of the day, as long as I’m happy, he’ll be happy.”

Odighizuwa said, though, that the idea of following his brother to UCLA is something he’s given a lot of thought to.

“Owa gave me a little tour of UCLA when I was there for his graduation, but I’ve never been down there as a recruit, so I’m going to go down there this summer and visit the school as a recruit,” said Odighizuwa. “Obviously, its an important school to my family and the coaches have been great and Owa really enjoyed it there. He’s always been supportive of me and he wants me to do well. But the motivation of going to UCLA and doing better than him is something I’ve thought about.”

Odighizuwa isn’t in a rush, though, to make a decision.

For now, his focus has been on wrestling, where he won the state 220lb title last year and is now the favorite to win the heavyweight division. He won a national title last year in wrestling as a heavyweight during the summer.

“I’d like to play football first, but it would be cool to go somewhere where there is wrestling,” said Odighizuwa. “Right now, I’m keeping my options open.”

Odighizuwa said he’s at 240 now and plans to put more weight on once wrestling ends.

“I want to cap my weight at around 280,” said Odighizuwa. “I’ll try to get another 20 pounds when wrestling is over. I played tackle last season at 240, but I can play end. I think I’ll end up inside though.”

Odighizuwa said he’s planning on doing the Oregon The Opening Regional with hopes of getting invited to The Opening in Beaverton.

“That would be cool to be one of the Oregon kids invited to it,” said Odighizuwa.

As for who would win a wrestling match between the two brothers?

“I definitely have better technique, but he has more size and strength and is more explosive,” said Odighizuwa. “But if I wrestled him in high school? I would definitely take him.”

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