Top Defensive Players from B2G 7-on-7

Feb. 19 -- B2G sponsored a 16 team Elite 7v7 event on Monday. Here's a look at a few of the top defensive players who caught our eye.

It's always hard to evaluate players in a 7v7 setting simply because it's such a different game than it is with the pads on. You could also watch a team play one game and not see a particular player do anything but then blow up the next game. So rather than try and rank these guys, here's a list of players who caught our eye when we had a chance to check them out. Again, this isn't necessarily a list of who had the best day, just the guys we were able to see.


Jacob Colacion, La Habra (Calif.)- A lot of teams weren't even playing with a linebacker so it was tough to find a few standouts here but Colacion jumped off the field. He's an inside/outside guy who moves very well and shows great field awareness. He's a chiseled 6-2, maybe 6-2.5 and about 205-210 pounds and plays with a nice physicality to him. He's very good with the pads on as well and even though 7v7 aren't made for linebackers, Colacion was one of the better players we saw, regardless of position.

Bryce Youngquist, Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Los Osos- Youngquist has a college body right now and can really run. He's more of a straight-line guy right now and didn't show the same fluidity as Colacion but he has improved in his ability to change direction, turn and run. The 7v7 environment will actually be big for Youngquist as it will help him improve in the areas he needs the most work and round out his game. We know he can rush the passer and plays with toughness so improving his overall cover skills will really complement the rest of his game.

Defensive Backs:

Traveon Beck, Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco- Beck always competes at a high level and plays with a chip on his shoulder. He has great feet and overall quickness and can really close on the ball. He's about 5-9 but is strong and plays much bigger than his size. He's an aggressive kid who's comfortable in press coverage but also excels playing off because of his ability to change direction and turn and run with the fastest receivers.

Troy Warner, San Marcos (Calif.) Mission Hills- Warner had a strong day and has the look of a high major corner. His older brother Fred was a big time LB who signed with BYU and the younger Warner could end up just as coveted. Last summer, we saw Warner as more of a free safety but he has made a smooth transition to corner over the last year. He's a long, athletic 6-1, pushing 6-2 and showed the hips and quickness to be that tall corner all colleges are coveting these days.

Keith Taylor, ('17) Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco- Speaking of long, athletic corners, Taylor is all of 6-2 and could be 6-3 by the time he's a senior. Taylor matched up against some of the best receivers in the region and more than held his own. He has a Richard Sherman type frame, long and lean, very flexible in his movement and physical at the line of scrimmage. He was rarely tested and the one thing we didn't get to see was what kind of makeup speed he has, always a question for tall corners. Of course since Taylor was never beat, you could say that's a good thing we didn't get to see it. He's definitely an intriguing player and someone every college should be on hard this spring and summer.

Brandon Burton, Gardena (Calif.) Serra- Burton is the only player to make our list of top performers on offense and defense. You can't really call this weekend a breakthrough performance for a player who has well over double digit offers but it was probably the best Burton has looked in a long time. He played with a ton of confidence and has a knack for always being around the ball. He has an extremely high football IQ and is one of those players who just knows how to play the game.

Kamari Pleasant, Etiwanda (Calif.)- If they took stats for most interceptions in the tournament, Pleasant might have been the top guy. Every time we watched his Rharebreed squad, Pleasant was getting his hands on the football. He's another corner in the 6-0+ range who could project as a free safety in college. He shows up very well on film as a physical hitter and showed his cover and ball skills all day long. No one has offered yet but he has a very nice upside to him and looks like a solid BCS level prospect.

Christian Hutton, Hesperia (Calif.) Oak Hills- Hutton looks like this year's version of Maurice Davison. He's only about 5-8, maybe 5-9 on a good day but is lightning quick, has explosive closing speed and plays with an edge to him. He was the top defensive player on the surprising M&D squad that rolled through everyone and although his size might hurt him from a recruiting standpoint, there's no doubt he can play.

Marquel Dismuke, Calabasas (Calif.)- Dismuke is good looking athlete who can run and cover a ton of ground. He's not nearly as big as we expected and looks closer to 5-11 than his listed 6-2 but he's still a high level prospect. He's very smooth and fluid in his movement, plays with plenty of physicality and has a nice feel for the game. He projects as a free safety at the next level where his ability to cover a lot of ground as well as be strong in the run game should allow him to see the field sooner than later when he hits college.

Keyon Riley, Anaheim (Calif.) Servite- Riley is an intriguing player who could play multiple spots in college. He first caught our eye at a pre-season practice for Servite last summer. He's a big kid with a safety build right now that could potentially grow in to a linebacker but he actually played a lot of corner/nickel in this event. He's a physical player who loves contact but showed plenty of athleticism to run around and make plays a well.

Chacho Ulloa, Corona (Calif.) Centennial- Ulloa is a physical safety who loves to hit but showed nice range and improved athleticism on Monday. He has a solid frame and looks like he may have grown and is an easy 6-0 maybe 6-1 and a solid 200 pounds. He has solid ball skills and is always around the ball. He projects best in college as an in the box strong safety but looked very comfortable playing more of a free safety type position in this event.

Darien Cornay, Los Alamitos- Cornay always impresses every time we see him and should be mentioned among the top corners in the state. He's about 5-9, pushing 5-10 but is very quick and technically sound. He can change direction, closes well and can make a play on the ball without clutching or grabbing like so many other corners in the event.

Greg Johnson ('17), Los Angeles (Calif.) Hawkins- Johnson is an intriguing kid who depending on how much bigger he gets, could end up at a variety of positions in college. We've always liked him at running back but he played mostly nickel and looked good. He's already over 200 pounds and is a thick kid, so you have to assume he's going to continue to fill out even more. He could end up as a big, power back on offense but if he stays on defense, don't be surprised if he bulks up in to a linebacker. He moves very well and for a young player, already plays with a lot of confidence.

Jalen Cole ('17), Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei- Cole is another promising sophomore who showed he can compete with the older players. He does a lot of things well and you can tell he has been very well coached. He's a smart, instinctive player with a nose for the football. He has very good ball skills, runs well and plays with a bit of an edge to him, which you always like to see in a young player.

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