UCLA Firmly In the Mix for Jones

Feb. 23 -- UCLA is one of a few schools that is recruiting the Long Beach Poly receiver hard...

Officially, Long Beach Poly wide receiver/cornerback Jack Jones is a 2016 prospect without a favorite college choice or position.

Unofficially, Jones already has some formed opinions on schools and how he may end up making a impact in college.

“Six months ago, I didn’t know how to process everything going on with recruiting,” said Jones. “As I started to look into things and get use to it, I realized that talking to schools is almost like sorting out who your friends are.

“If you’ve got a friend that cares about you, you’re going to talk to that friend almost everyday. They’re going to see how you are and check in with you to see how your day is going. That’s how I look at it with coaches.

“If they want me at their program, they’re going to talk to me and see how things are going. They want me to be around them as much as possible and spend the time building our relationship.

“That’s exactly what SC is doing. I would say USC and Oklahoma do that, and then UCLA hits me up sometimes too. All of the other schools that aren’t doing that, it’s not that I don’t like them or don’t have interest in them, I just wonder where I stand.

“When SC, Oklahoma and UCLA are hitting me up all of the time on Twitter, how can I put other schools before them? Those schools hit me up and show me love.”

Jones is also beginning to get more looks specifically at wide receiver from colleges. While he announced last season that he wanted to play defensive back at the next level, that’s a statement he’s not tied to at this point during the recruiting process.

“Most colleges are recruiting me as a receiver, but I think they know I’m an athlete,” said Jones. “They know I can play both sids of the ball, if not primarily offense.

“I don’t really care which position I play. I just want to come in and make a big impact. I’m 50-50 with where I play. I just want to play ball, really.”

Being at Poly, Jones has had the ability to watch several other highly touted recruits go through the recruiting process. That includes Iman Mashall, who had a whirlwind finish to end the process.

“I’m going to make my decision and sign in February,” said Jones. “I’ll have my top five or six Feb. 1 and then commit on signing day.

“That’s just what I’ve talked with my dad about. I know Iman did the same thing, but I never really talked to him too much about recruiting. I knew he took all of his visits, but we never really got into it very much.”

Although similar to Marshall, Jones has already stated he will not take an official visit to any in-state schools.

“My dad doesn’t want me using an official on Cal, Stanford, USC or UCLA,” said Jones. “He doesn’t want me using an official visit on a school we can just drive to.”

But as of right now, Jones is staying away from penciling in any trips to out of state schools.

“I would say that I expect to get more offers, so I don’t want to start listing visits until I know what my options are,” said Jones. “I could start talking about schools I will visit and then Alabama or some other school offers me.”

And while Jones has not officially announced his favorite school, he does have long-time interest in one particular local institution.

“Honestly, USC will always be in it for me,” said Jones. “My brother and my dad like SC, plus it’s the local school.

“Me growing up, pretty much as a Trojan, SC is always going to be in it.”

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