VIDEO: Alford Post-Washington

Feb. 26 -- Coach Steve Alford talks about the win over the Huskies Wednesday...

Opening statement:
This was a really good game for us. I thought everyone that played did a lot of good things for us tonight. We didn't rebound well on the Arizona road trip. We came back here and really did a nice job on the glass. They were undersized, and we took advantage, which isn't always the case. We moved the ball well. We really guarded well up until the last six minutes of the game. I have to give a big thanks to, not only the players for their focus, but also the staff for getting this team ready while I was out a couple days this week. They are a great staff of coaches, and it showed.

On Shawn Kemp:
With Kemp out, we wanted to go inside. But Tony [Parker] needed to have the energy and go-to mentality to have a big game, and he did. He defended better, stayed out of foul trouble, and went after rebounds. We have to have that from him, and he has delivered. This is what he's capable of. He's been playing aggressive all year. He has a good mindset and good defense. There is a real purpose to the way he wanted to play.

On Isaac Hamilton:
Isaac also had a great game for us. He played under control and handled the ball well. He had a double-double and also got three steals for us. He made a lot of great plays for us. When he plays like that, he takes us to another level.

On the sense of urgency:
We have to finish strong because we have only home games left. We have the strongest strength of schedule of all the teams in our conference. But we have got to win our remaining home games to prepare ourselves for the tournament. If we can finish well, our resume will look better, and we can get a top (four) seed for the Pac-12 Tournament, where we can finish strong.

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