VIDEO: Powell and Hamilton After UDub

Feb. 26 -- The two UCLA guards, Norman Powell and Isaac Hamilton, talk about the fairly easy won at Pauley...

Senior guard Norman Powell
On Tony Parker's motivation:
I think everybody was motivated. You could see how we all came out and played as a whole, not just Tony. I think a lot of it had to do with Coach being out and frustration with our last road trip. We could have won both of them if not for a couple of plays where we let possession slip through our hands. We came back to practice and refocused on coming out with high energy and high effort, and it showed throughout the whole team. Tony came down and got blocks and was being physical in post and that's what we needed from him.

On the team's sense of urgency:
Coach talked to us about it after the Arizona game. I think it's great we're in the position that we're in. We control our own destiny. We have a chance to go undefeated at home in the conference season and set up what we want to do in the Pac-12 Tournament. There's a lot of motivation. We're focused on winning our next game and our next game after that. If we do that, we're going to give ourselves a high possibility of being a seed in the tournament. So our focus is to handle home and go to the Pac-12 Tournament on a high note and take it from there.

On changing his mindset:
My mindset is the same every game - be aggressive. I've played with a chip on my shoulder. Over the last couple of games, I've been more assertive in the offense and focused on getting to the free throw line, trying to attack and get into the paint. My mindset is to be aggressive and make plays.

On the pressure of winning games:
That's what's so great right now. We control our own destiny. If we go into the next couple of games with the same sense of urgency we had today, we're going to take care of things, and it's not going to be a problem. The guys are doing a great job of believing in the team and believing in one another, and when we do that, you can see that we're a great team.

Isaac Hamilton
On playing a complete game:
Of course. I'm just trying to be aggressive and trying to make sure to knock the ball in the post, make some reads and make plays.

On passing inside:
I think this year Tony and Kevon have been a problem for teams in the post. When you start the game out like that, it's much easier with ball movement, getting the offense flowing, and getting the guards some open looks.

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