VIDEO: Parker on Return to Form

Feb. 26 -- UCLA center Tony Parker, after a poor weekend against the Arizona schools, returns to form against Washington at Pauley Wednesday...

On his game plan:
My main goal was to get aggressive and play tough. Early in the game I wanted to get into a rhythm.

On playing smaller defenders:
It was kind of hard playing against a smaller defender in the post because they're quicker, and you have to hold your post and move your feet.

On hitting his early baskets:
That was big for me to hit those shots. I was killing Isaac (Hamilton) and (Kevon) Looney last night, one-on-one, so I think that helped me out a lot.

On how his confidence:
It was big for me and for my confidence to play hard and play a big-time role to get this win. I knew if I played hard and came out strong, our team would win.

On performing for the NCAA selection committee:
Really, we've just got to win. It doesn't matter how we do it. That's the bottom line. Either we win or we lose. I don't think about style points; all that really doesn't matter. We've just got to win.

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