Get to Know 2016: Trevon Sidney

Feb. 27 -- Four-star cornerback Trevon Sidney could also shine on the offensive side of the ball if need be...

Sidney was really impressive when we saw him in person last spring, and then looked good when we had a chance to see him in pads last fall. He plays both ways, and it's easy to understand why Scout has him ranked on defense; he is very quick and has the kind of reflexes to match opposing receivers' movements easily. What's more, thanks to his offensive play, he has very good ball skills for a corner. Offensively, he's intriguing, particularly from a UCLA perspective. He has a good combination of speed and quickness, and there were a number of times when we've seen him live where he's been able to just explode past second level defenders. He's not very big, at 5'10 or 5'11 and probably not much more than 165 pounds, so he can get pushed around a little on occasion. Developing a bit more physically and adding on a little bit more muscle in his lower body will go a long way toward making him a complete player. The athletic gifts -- the speed, the quickness, the explosion -- are all definitely there for him to be a big-time player on defense or offense.

UCLA was actually Sidney's first offer, back before the spring 7-on-7 season started in 2014. Since then, Sidney's recruitment has blown up considerably, with offers coming in from around the Pac-12, including USC. The Trojans have recruited him hard, and reportedly, Sidney came away from USC's Junior Day a few weekends ago feeling like USC was recruiting him more as a receiver than a cornerback. That's significant because back in the summer, Sidney told reporters that he was more interested in playing offense than defense in college. UCLA initially started recruiting Sidney as a corner, with Demetrice Martin spear-heading the recruitment, but since then they're started to push for Sidney more as an athlete. It would not be a shock at all if Sidney's recruitment came down to a crosstown battle.

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