More on UCLA Recruits at Pylon

Mar. 3 -- We look at some of the UCLA recruits who caught our eye at the Pylon Elite 7v7 in Las Vegas...

There were over 80 teams spread across 18 fields this past weekend and sometimes when you try and scout everyone, you end up not getting a good look at anyone.

We know we missed a ton of players that had big weekends but here’s a look at some of our observations from prospects who caught our eye.

It’s important to note, these observations are based on the prospects who impressed us with their Div I potential, not just those who had good weekends but don’t project to the next level, at least not yet.

Caleb Kelly, LB, Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West
Kelly is the West's No. 1 prospect in the 2016 class and it's easy to see why. He's big, athletic, has a noise for the ball, closes well and in a controlled setting, still plays plenty physically. Kelly announced he'll play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl this year and that should be a venue he'll shine in because they're in pads. But just because they weren't in pads this weekend, that didn't mean he didn't show off his strength. He'd jam slots or tight ends at the line of scrimmage and consistently knock them off their route. He looked pretty good in coverage too. Kelly looked about 6-2 and weighing around 225.

Curtis Robinson, LB, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
Robinson has some excellent junior film and has been one of the fastest risers this spring, with a number of offers coming in and backing it up with several great performances on the camp circuit. On Saturday, he and Kelly's team played against each other and they lined up across from one another a couple of times and had some entertaining matchups. On one particular play, Kelly stayed with Robinson step-for-step before Robinson made one quick cut that got just enough separation from Kelly and reeled in a touchdown. At receiver, he adjusts to the ball really well and has very good hands and has tremendous instincts.

Shurod Thompson, S, Pittsburg (Calif.)
Thompson had some good moments but also had a couple of moments where he got caught trying to be too risky. He's growing enough where it wouldn't be a surprise at all if he ultimately ended up at linebacker, but dropped more in to coverage. He's a physical player and did a good job jamming his receiver, but if a receiver made a move on him at the line of scrimmage, he got beat.

Devin Asiasi, TE, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle
Asiasi weighs about 265 and has said he wants to drop down to around 250, but even at 265, he moves pretty well. He has soft hands, is a good route runner, and linebackers trying to jam him struggled to do so, because he just knocked them back. If he continues to put on weight, a move to the line isn't out of the question because he's a good athlete, but he's too good of a weapon as a tight end, which is why he's trying to drop the weight to stay there.

Jordan Parker, WR, Pittsburg (Calif.)
Parker was one of the better pure cover corners in the event and is notably thicker from when we went to see him play in October. He's got a good backpedal and quick hips and recovers very well and consistently stayed with his receiver. The only thing he showed was DB hands, dropping an easy interception that would have sealed a game (they ultimately won it).

Lokeni Toailoa, LB, Rialto (Calif.) Carter
A year ago, Toailoa was slight enough that you could see him being an outside linebacker who dropped in to coverage quite a bit, but he's filled out immensely and looks like a classic middle linebacker. He hasn't lost much quickness despite putting the weight on and is a really heady player, always in the right place at the right time and closes really well. He's got active hands and broke up a handful of passes by closing and knocking the ball away when a receiver initially looked open.

Devon Modster, QB, Las Flores (Calif.) Tesoro
Modster rotated every other series with the Frat Boyz other quarterback, and after a slow start, got more into a groove over the weekend. A few coaches on the sidelines even commented on how well he threw the ball. He did a better job of going through his progressions in the four seconds they have to snap and get rid of it, but was plagued by inconsistency by his receivers early on before getting their timing down. The Russell Wilson comparisons need to stop because he's a good 2-3 inches taller than Wilson already.

Chase Lucas, RB, Chandler (Ariz.)
We only watched Lucas in one game, and he had just a couple of catches, in coverage and didn't really get a chance to get in to the open field and show his quickness. Lucas told us that corner could ultimately be where he ends up in college and he's completely open to that.

N'Keal Harry, WR, Chandler (Ariz.)
Harry had some nice moments in the game we watched, showing great body control and hands and adjusted to some underthrown balls to make the catch but also out-leaped a defender to make a sweet sideline grab falling out. He's got very good size but moves really well for how big he is.

Darian Owens, WR, Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West
Owens played safety and receiver for his squad and had good moments at both. Because he was his team's best receiver, at times, it seemed like he was the only option they would try to go to and the coverage on him was pretty good. But he still showed the ability to get into traffic and make the catch, even if it looked like he might get crushed.

Damian Alloway, WR, Fontana (Calif.) Summit
Alloway was the MVP of the tournament, helping his team, Ground Zero, to the tournament title. He's elusive, he's fast and gets excellent separation, not just because he's throwing a move on the defender, but because he stays true to his route and works his way to get open. He's a natural pass-catcher and consistently uses his hands to get the ball. On a couple of drag routes he had, he caught and just turned up field and no defender could even get close.

Krys Barnes, LB, Bakersfield (Calif.) Liberty
Barnes is a classic middle 'backer, and though he had just a couple of good moments in 7v7, you could tell, and he even admitted, he's more of a pads backer. Still, he was adept in coverage and did a good job getting physical at the line of scrimmage to stall the receiver in his route.

Byron Murphy, CB, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro
Murphy is the West's best corner and showed every reason why he is. He's a good-sized and physical corner, and consistently was knocking his receiver at the line of scrimmage and getting them off their routes. In the two games we watched him play, he didn't give up a reception but had a near pick-six and broke up three more passes.

Nick Crabtree, TE, Huntington Beach (Calif.)
There were some big tight ends in Vegas and Crabtree was one of them. He's a legit 6-6, 250 and moved well for his size and did a good job catching the ball when thrown his way. If he keeps growing, he'll probably grow out of being a tight end and ending up an offensive tackle, but a pretty athletic tackle at that. But his heart is at tight end and Crabtree is doing what he can to stay in the 240-250 range so he can stay at tight end in college.

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