VIDEO: Alford after USC

Mar. 4 -- The head coach talks about the outgoing seniors and the win over the Trojans...

Opening statement:
I thought we did a lot of good things. I thought both teams shot the ball well. I think it was two team that were really clicking offensively. I thought we got dribbled through a little bit; we didn’t have a lot of gap help and that’s a big part of our defense. We did out-rebound them and we wanted to press them a lot. We only had nine turnovers and we shared the ball. Senior night can always be pretty emotional, but I thought we did a good job of handling that. I’m really proud of how our guys were able to get a win.

On Tony Parker:
He takes nine free-throws, gets seven rebounds, had an assist and no turnovers. I thought it was all-around a really good game by Tony (Parker). I thought he had good energy and did a good job defensively. I thought we did some pretty good things in the paint, but we let (Katin) Reinhardt get going a little bit. We didn’t contest shots like we normally contest shots, but we got Tony going early and I thought that was a key.

On the layoff:
The staff will take advantage of some recruiting that can be done over the weekend. We’ll probably plan our practices so that they are every other day. Practice now is just trying to stay sharp. We’ll work on some things offensively and defensively from this tape. This is a heavy academic time too. We are a week before finals in the quarter. Before we get to Las Vegas on Thursday, the guys have a lot of stuff to do academically. There’s a lot thrown at our guys, so by going every other day we’ll give them some time off and let bodies heal.

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