VIDEO: Mora on Pro Day

Mar. 10 -- Coach Jim Mora talked about his players working out today at UCLA in front of NFL scouts...

Opening statement:
We had a good showing today. The NFL was well represented. Anytime you have the NFL Network on campus, for your Pro Day, giving you some exposure, it will help your program. I thought our kids performed well. Eric Kendricks, no surprised, looked fantastic in the drills. Owa played some outside linebacker, from the guys I talked to, they thought he had a chance to play there. If they're in a 3-4 scheme, he'll rush the guy mostly and fit. Brett threw well. Threw 60 passes, completed 57-of-60 with one drop. Not every throw was perfect. What scouts and coaches appreciated was his enthusiasm. You hear the character and what a hard worker he is. Those three did well. I thought AJ did well, ran better than he did at the combine.

On if he left them with anything to them:
I spent a lot of time with them, up to this point, talking about but everything is being evaluated. I had three teams say to me today and comment that Brett was wearing his hat the right way, rather than wearing it backwards or cocked to the side. What these men have to understand, how they present themselves at all time, it's being evaluated by professional football teams. You can't afford to make a mistake. Being in our system for three years, and our system has a lot of NFL guys on it, it helps on a day like this.

On if Hundley can go in the first round:
I stay away from draft projections because everything is fluid around you. And everybody's priority is different and then priorities change. There is always a trade you dont expect. Its hard to predict, after the first 5-10. All you need is one team though to fall in love with you. I was lucky to work with Bill Walsh and Bill said don't worry about everyone else's evaluation, worry about our's. If we like him, we're going to go get him. We'll see. There is a lot of time between now and the draft. There is zero set in stone.

On if working out at UCLA is a comfort zone for them:
I think the number one thing is working with Coach Alosi. They train with him and they come back. He runs our strength and conditioning program like an NFL S&C program. Being on a staff with a lot of NFL experience, we're able to tell them what people are looking for. Little pieces of advice they may not get other places. Everything matters. So I think it helps.

On Owa's rising stock:
He goes to the combine and jumps out of the gym. He's very athletic. Today, teams got to see him work out in space. You can feel the power. I think people are starting to appreciate him. Its a big build up, then a gigantic tear down, then a big build up. We'll go through the phase where everyone tries to rip up. But I like the teams that look for the redeeming qualities and Owa has those redeeming qualities.

On Ellis McCarthy playing on the OL in the NFL:
He could. It's hard. The higher you go the more difficult it is to switch sides. You don't see it happen very often. The one guy was Carnell Lake, who went from outside linebacker to safety, but that's rare. To go from the DL to the OL, its rare. There is no redshirt year, there is no four-year scholarship. But you better show potential immediately. I don't know what people think about Ellis. I haven't had a lot of people ask me about Ellis, it was more about Owa, EK and Brett.

On what stands out to teams about Kendricks:
I think its the body of work the past three years. The ability to go sideline-to-sideline. The combine and through the next few weeks, when they come in to interview him, they'll see his football intelligence. You're looking at football character but also looking at personal character.

On Hundley's best qualities:
His size and his speed. Like every young player coming in the league, he'll have to learn to process more quickly. The jump from high school to college is difficult, from college to the NFL, its tenfold that. Doesn't matter if its Mariota, Jameis or Brett, it's hard. Processing information, pulling the trigger, doing it in the right time, it's not easy.

On how he expresses the aspects of professionalism:
Its part of our culture and how we do things. I had 20-something years in the NFL and I only know one way to do things and I instill it in our program and it helps.

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