VIDEO: Kendricks on Pro Day

Mar. 10 -- Linebacker Eric Kendricks talked about how he did at Pro Day and improving his draft status...

Eric Kendricks talked after Pro Day today at UCLA.

On being back out on Spaulding Field:
It felt good to be back on my home turf. It was a beautiful day outside, I was glad to be back in my hometown. It was a great day to be a Bruin.

On what he was trying to accomplish:
I didn't complete all the drills at the combine, due to a hammy, but at the end of the day, I wanted to show very well and I felt great. I have my foot on the gas and couldn't be more excited about it.

On where he might be drafted:
I have no idea right now. I've heard from many teams and a lot of great interviews. At this point, it's not in my hands. Hopefully I showed them I can move in space.

On how he hurt his hammy:
The hammy was a tweak.

On the feedback he's getting:
Coaching me up. A lot of the coaches have given me keys to improve my game and each has an aspect I can improve on. Thes meetings, teaching me new concepts, hopefully I have the mental capacity.

On if he has any visits left:
A couple of them.

On mock drafts:
People have told me, but I've never checked them out myself. They're all just fogs to me.

On Coach Mora:
He's the man. He talked to me before this but its up to me and what I bring to the table.

On playing inside:
Different teams have different schemes, but I'm comfortable any spot, and can play all three spots.

On if he's improved his body since the season:
I definitely worked on the 40, but a lot of it comes naturally. At the end of the day, I think it all comes naturally.

On why he didn't run the 40 at pro day:
It was a personal choice, I didn't want to injure myself.

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