VIDEO: Hundley on Pro Day

Mar. 10 -- Brett Hundley talks about what he showed at Pro Day and what teams he thinks are on him...

Brett Hundley:

On what he was trying to prove at Pro Day:
Show the transition and improvement. Footwork and fundamentals and I think I showed it today. The mindset is to get as good as I can go. You have to worry about yourself. I'm going to try and be as good as I can for whatever team picks me. It's always been about showing what I can do personally. Me competing with Mariota or Jameis or Petty, it's never been a personal battle between us.

On if he's talked to teams about the first round:
There are a lot of teams that have shown interest.

On wearing his hat correctly:
I think that's what teams look at. When they're investing this kind of money at quarterback, they want to make sure you're the right guy on and off the field. It shocked me though, because I'm just wearing a hat.

On staying focused:
My pops, my agent, my girlfriend, my family, your circle, they keep you grounded. You can get washed away trying to beat out people. Its the people around you.

On if he's raised his stock:
Oh yeah. For me, watching film, meeting people showing you who I am, as an individual off the field. That goes a long way and is helping me out through the process. Just being me.

On if he can step in day one and start:
Yeah, I have a lot of confidence in my abilities. Whoever drafts me, I want to compete to be the starter.

On what he'll do now:
I'm going to try and be as good as I can when I step on the field. I'll keep working. Now it's about whatever team drafts me, I want to be the best I can.

On where his game has been questioned:
One is footwork, and I showed that today. And two, me personally. I didn't talk to anyone during the season so that was probably the biggest question.

On his footwork:
Footwork is a big thing and always a big thing. That's the thing I said I wanted to work on personally. I want to work on everything. For me, physically, getting my footwork right.

On his 40:
I ran a 4.28, I was out there, you probably saw me. I benched too.

On competing with his teammates on who's drafted first:
I hope we're all drafted in the first round.

On the coaches having an NFL mentality:
That was the biggest change, a business mindset. We're all having fun and want to be a good team, a great team, but since Mora came in these three years, we finished as a top ten program. That is truly a blessing and showed everything.

On his hat:
This is me, it's always front.

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