VIDEO: Odighizuwa on Pro Day

Mar. 11 -- Defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa talked how the UCLA Pro Day might have help this stock...

Owamagbe Odighizuwa talked after Pro Day Tuesday.

On his Pro Day:
I thought it was awesome. From what the scouts were telling me and how I felt through the drills, I thought it was good. Most of them are leading the drills, so anytime they tell you good job or work on this, I feed off of that and internalize it. They do actually talk to you and you get feedback from that.

On the importance of the feedback:
For me its huge because I know where I want to go. I know I want to prove a lot and showcase my abilities and what I bring to the table. I'm embracing it all.

On his mentality heading in to the draft:
My mentality is that I bring a lot to the table. I can be a great and valuable asset to any organization that drafts me. Every workout I do, the way I carry myself, I want them to know I'm a first class athlete.

On which round he's hearing:
I've gotten a lot of feedback of maybe last first round. I'm trying to increase it as much as I can. Showing versatility and athleticism, everything they want out of a defensive end or outside linebacker.

On if he's substantially improved his stock:
I think I have. Going in to the combine, there is a misconception about my ability. Playing a 3-4 end at UCLA you don't showcase as much but I understood so I had to go in to the combine to clear all that.

On how Coach Mora has helped in preparation:
He's helped a lot. He's helped me with the mindset of being a professional, how you carry yourself, how you talk to the media, He's helped us understand football, the X's and O's, to make it.

On what was important for him to show:
Today I wanted to show my versatility. That you can throw me in to the drills and I will execute it. How explosive i am, my quickness. I wanted to create some buzz and carry momentum.

On answering pass-rush questions:
They understood the schemes we ran and what I was asked to do. Playing 3-4 end, you don't get those type of numbers. They're confident in my abilities. They really enjoy what they see.

On concerns about his hips:
With the hips, there is always a concern, but at the combine, the doctors were pleased with what they say, the range and motion, and everything they checked out. I wanted to show that in how I moved.

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