Pittman Checking Out Big-12 Schools

Mar. 18 -- Ventura (Calif.) Oaks Christian athlete Michael Pittman hit the road to check out several Big 12 programs with his Team 19 7v7 squad a week ago...

Michael Pittman, an early UCLA commit, is planning to take several visits over the spring and just checked out four Big 12 programs last weekend. Along with his Team 19 7v7 squad, Pittman visited Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Here's his thoughts on each program.

A&M- "It was a fun visit. We didn't get to talk to the coaches because we weren't there that long and they had practice going on but it was still cool checking out the place. They have incredible facilities and it was just cool to hang out with my guys and soak in the atmosphere at a big time program."

Texas- "That visit was great because we were with the coaches the whole time. We did a tour and spent about four hours on campus and Coach Strong was with us the whole time. There was no one else on campus except us so we had a ton of one on one time with all the coaches and Coach Strong is a really good guy. It's big time football there, it's exactly what I expected Texas football to be about. The weight room, the locker rooms, all that, it was very impressive."

Oklahoma- "Oklahoma was nice, that's a big time football school as well and I was impressed with everything. We met all the coaches they showed us around. We talked about the academic support and the coaches told us about their vision for the program. That staff is really new, they have a lot of new guys there so it was cool meeting them all and talking Sooner football."

Nebraska- "That was the one visit that really surprised me. It was really nice there and we got to meet the whole staff and a lot of the players on the team. The facilities are incredible and we all loved the players lounge. We could have Madden tourneys all day long in there, we all joked about.

"Nebraska has offered me, that's the one school of the four that we visited and they're on me hard. So I talked a little more with Coach Riley and Coach Williams and they're really great guys. I really like Nebraska a lot, I felt very comfortable there and I know they're going to continue to recruit me."

As for what's next, Pittman said he's going to continue to take a few more visits but does feel good about his commitment to UCLA.

"I'm still going to check out more schools, mostly just to make sure I made the right decision," Pittman said. "I like UCLA and I'm still committed but taking these visits is good to have something to compare them with. The coaches at UCLA have been great with me and don't care that I'm doing the visits so I really have no plans or desire to open up my recruitment.

"Right now, I'm mainly looking at four schools. Of course UCLA and then Arizona State, Nebraska and USC. I've been to USC and Nebraska and we're going to visit ASU and Arizona this weekend with Team 19. Right now my plan is to just go through the recruiting process and let things play out but I'm good with UCLA right now."

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