UCLA a Standout for Fowler

Mar. 24 -- Four-star defensive end Erick Fowler is hearing from schools across the country...

There’s a line between confidence and cockiness called swagger. That’s the line that Erick Fowler walks. The Manor (Tex.) LB has swagger for days, and it doesn’t take viewing his junior film very long to see why.

“You can always do better, but I had 66 tackles or something like that and 12 sacks while everybody was running away from me and scheming against me,” Fowler said confidently.

The 6-1, 233-pounder lived in the opposition’s backfield on a game by game basis, so the “go the other way” strategy was pretty smart coaching. Still Fowler knew teams could only do that for so long.

“You’re going to have to eventually run this way and suffer the consequences,” he said boldly.

Coaches salivate over having that type of presence on their teams, which explains why Fowler’s scholarship tally is fast approaching 20. Though still early in his recruitment, there are a few programs that currently stick out.

“I’m still pretty open minded on my decision,” insisted Fowler. “I’m not rushing anything to make my decision right now. There are a couple of them (standing out early), LSU, Texas of course, Baylor, Michigan of course, UCLA, and Alabama.”

As has been the case with numerous other prospects over the past few months, Michigan entered the fray rather abruptly.

“(The offer) really came out of the blue,” said Fowler. “My coach called me out of class and said he had a little surprise for me. I hadn’t heard from Michigan that much before that. I really didn’t know much about Michigan, but then I got a chance to talk to Coach Mattison and he told me what I’m missing out on.”

There are many factors that are going to go into the four-star's ultimate decision

“The first thing is schooling,” Fowler said describing the factors in his decision. “I want to major in either engineering or architecture, so the schooling has got to be top notch. As far as football, I’m just looking for family based things with the coaches. Can I call them up if I need something? And I want to be surrounded by the best when I’m playing. I’m a sore loser. I don’t like to lose. When I lose, there is going to be hell.”

So far Fowler has developed a particularly strong rapport with the coaching staffs at Baylor and Texas, but is still in the nascent stages of figuring out visits and which schools he'll focus on.

Taking all five officials is virtual certainty. Fowler plans for his process to go all the way to signing day.

“I don’t want to rush anything,” he said. “The school that I sign with will fit me no matter what.”

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