Pryts Planning Trip to UCLA

Mar. 26 -- Four-star safety Andrew Pryts is in the midst of figuring out his spring and summer plans...

There was a time Hermitage (Pa.) Hickory four-star safety Andrew Pryts planned for a spring decision, but as the offers pile up and the visits are scheduled, he is thinking it will take much longer.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound Pryts, whose dad played at Penn State, visited the campus for a two-day trip this past weekend. He has Tuesday visit set to Michigan, will be at UCLA on April, and he is planning an Ohio State visit for April 15 or 17.

He is also looking at other visits, including one to Alabama, as well as another to Wisconsin.

“It’s still pretty early,” Pryts said. “I used to think I wanted to get it done before the season. Honestly, I wish I was ready to commit, but when the time comes, it comes. I’ll probably end up taking a couple of official visits.”

And when it comes time for a decision, Pryts said the degree he can receive at a school will outweigh the football aspect, but both are key factors.

“I think first and foremost, it’s academics,” Pryts said earlier this month. “That will play a major role. I think the coaching and the football program itself (is important), and where they rank with bowl games and all that kind of stuff. Also, it’s the relationship you build with the coaches, and then how you fit into their system. A lot of schools like to move me around.”

As for his latest visit, although he is familiar with Penn State because of his father and after visiting last summer and attending a game in the fall, he was able to see a lot more of the school and the program during his two-day stay.

“This trip was a new experience,” he said. “This really separated itself from the past times I’ve been up there. I really learned more than what I had already learned about Penn State.

“I think what I learned the most about is the every day grind that a player goes through, and not just what the 107,000 fans see, but what they go through every day, and what it takes to play for them, and what it takes to earn a spot and what it takes to be on the team.”

The ability to sit in team meetings and pre-practice position meetings Friday and Saturday were benefits that stood out.

“That was the first time I got to do that. I think I got a better taste for campus life, too,” Pryts said. “I went around with a couple other (prospects) and of couple of 2015 signees, Ryan Bates and Jake Cooper. I had a good time with them. They showed me around the campus and where the classes would be. It was different than just going up for a game.

“Coach (James) Franklin has a ton of energy. He really does a good job of getting the guys hyped up for practice. (Defensive coordinator) coach (Bob) Shoop is awesome. He knows so much. I think he does a good job of teaching to his players. He didn’t just throw things out. He broke it down nice. Those were a couple of things I picked up on.”

Pryts dad, Ed, played for the Nittany Lions from 1979-81, and there is a strong relationship with the family and Penn State.

However, Andrew said there is no pressure from his family to go to Penn State.

“Absolutely none,” he said. “There are a couple of ways to look at it. In one position, I kind of want to create my own path, but at t the same time, with Penn State, I can completely forget about my dad playing there and realize Penn State is such a great school, and has so many positives and good things about it. Whether my dad played there or not, I would consider them.”

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