VIDEO: Alford Talks Gonzaga

Mar. 24 -- Point guard Bryce Alford talks about the dad/coach relationship with Coach Alford and the Gonzaga matchup...

Bryce Alford:

On separating dad and coach:
That's always something he's been good at. He does a great job of taking the time to tell me what to work on. He does a great job of talking other things. It's not always basketball. But I don't know any different. I don't know to have him as something other than a head coach and a father.

On their defense:
I think it's been great being in two defense, three defense. I think we're getting better in all of them. At times, our man and zone struggled, but lately, they're coming together well.

On balancing son and basketball:
Its not that difficult. Being a player is first, then you have the days and weekends and the offseason to hang with the family. You take both as a positive note.

On his dad being coach first:
Its something I had to learn. I didn't get yelled at a lot in high school. I was the guy. Coming here, I expected that. This year, I've had the role of getting yelled at a lot. He's going to yell at me and get my attention.

On if he looks to the sideline and sees a proud dad or proud coach:
Both. When we're between the lines, its about games. We're trying to win as many games as possible. Its proud coach but then after the game, its proud dad.

On the Sweet 16:
Back to back Sweet 16s. Having the start of the season, to be able to grow back in to what we've done, its a great feeling.

On not relaxing:
That's the tough part. Some teams do at this part. You can't relax. You can't exhale. You have to take this opportunity.

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