VIDEO: Looney on Improvement

Mar. 25 -- Power forward Kevon Looney talks about how the team has improved defensively since the first Gonzaga game...

Kevon Looney:

On how different a team they are from last time against Gonzaga:
A lot different. We watched the film, and we weren't that good. Offense was bad, defense, we played none. We've taken a lot of strides since then. We've learned a lot. We gave them a lot of open threes.

On not relaxing after exceding expectations:
We have some seniors who've been there before. This is the biggest game I've been in. There is a lot of motivation. That is another chip on our shoulder.

On Kyle Wiltjer in the first game:
He came out on fire. He hit every shot. I have to close out. He's a real versatile player. I look forward to the matchup.

On the defensive changes:
Its working for us. It throws offensive rhythm's off. It's been working for us.

On Bryce Alford:
I've seen Bryce put in a lot of work. He goes to the gym and shoots a lot of shots.

On if Alford has to work harder:
Maybe. I know my dad coached me a little bit, but he let me try to do it. I did everything on my own. Bryce is probably the same.

On being in the Sweet 16:
It's a great achievement so far. Want to keep it going. Everyone said we wouldn't be this far.

On second half runs:
We have to play for 40 minutes. A lot of times we get up then get relaxed and the other team turns it up. We did that against SMU, but Bryce came back and answered for us. We've learned a lot from past experience.

On being more assertive offensively:
I stood around a lot and wasn't active, so I was being more aggressive. More cutting and screening and getting open.

On if he tried to be more garbage-man role:
Coming from high school, you're the focal point of the offense, so sometimes I went back and forth, but I think I handled it well. When you have guys like Norman and Bryce and Isaac, it helps our team.

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