VIDEO: Powell Talks Sweet 16

Mar. 25 -- Shooting guard Norman Powell talks about heading into the matchup with Gonzaga on Friday...

Norman Powell:

On Gonzaga:
They're a great team. We got a chance to watch our first half of our game. It was kind of sloppy. Both teams turned it over. The team who values the ball more, each possession, has a better chance. We're a totally different ball team. The defense has picked up. We look like a totally different team in terms of our offense and efficiency. Its definitely going to be a fun game. Both teams have improved. Whoever gets stops and values the ball, is going to have a chance.

On his senior year:
Its been tough. A lot of adversity this year. To be a lock as a fourth seed last year to being an at-large and seeing if we're going to get in. But we've come a long way. We're enjoying the run.

On the maturing of the team:
A lot of guys were trying to learn their role. Me becoming a go-to guy. A lot of growing pains and learning. I think during conference season, things started to click.

On the expectation of the team:
We're looking to continue. We believed that we could be here. We're not just happy and satisfied. Everyone's mindset is to get a win.

On playing in Houston against Texas:
It was a long time ago, but we only had one day to shoot in the gym. It will be a lot different. It was a tough shooting night for us.

On Kevon Looney:
My experience being here four years, I've grown and matured. For the guys I've seen leave, they've done great things. Its up to Kevon. He's a great player, with great potential. I'll support him in whatever decision he makes. I think he's gotten a lot better in picking spots. His footwork has gotten a lot better. Taking guys off the dribble. Using his shooting ability. His IQ of the game and he's always been a phenomenal rebounder.

On Gonzaga's difficulty to defend:
They've got shooters and scorers. Its buckling down and stopping them. They shot 58%. You can't let them do that.

On if they'll change their defense:
Its not changing what we do. We haven't changed anything. Its contesting every shot and being in the right position. Getting our hands up. That comes with effort. Its really just defending.

On beating Gonzaga:
We've done a great job of protecting the ball. Its working the ball around to high percentage shots. When we do that and find open shots, we've been able to knock down our shots.

On his emotions as a senior:
I dont look at it like that, I look at it as playing basketball. My whole mind is to be mentally prepared. Getting my guys ready.

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