Clark Still Hopeful For Offer

Mar. 26 -- Three-star 2015 defensive tackle Kyon Clark (brother of current UCLA defensive tackle Kenny Clark) is still working to earn a greyshirt offer from UCLA...

It's been a long road to a UCLA offer for 2015 defensive tackle Kyon Clark, but he's hopeful that the work he has put in over the last few months will help him earn an offer by the end of April.

"I've been working hard to get my grades up and get my test scores right," Clark said. "I've got the score I need on my test, and now I just have to keep up my grades. I've got all A's right now this semester, and I've just got to keep that going."

Clark, the brother of current UCLA defensive tackle Kenneth Clark, said that if he maintains his grades, he's pretty hopeful that he'll earn an offer from UCLA later in the spring.

"I talked to Coach Angus and he just said to keep up the good work," Clark said. "I think if I can keep this up, I should get some good news soon, hopefully by the beginning of May or end of April. I first thought I would need to figure things out by the beginning of April, because that's the last time you can sign, but Coach Angus told me I can sign a GIA (Grant-in-Aid) so that's what I'll probably do."

Clark, who committed to Montana, said that he'd jump on any kind of offer from UCLA that included an eventual scholarship, whether that's an immediate scholarship or a greyshirt offer.

"As of right now, I think it would be a greyshirt offer," Clark said. "That would mean I'd come in next spring, in January."

If the UCLA offer falls through, Clark said that he's hearing a little bit more from other schools, including Kentucky, which has told him they're still trying to figure out what they can offer him.

"They've seen my film, and they like me," Clark said. "They're in the market for a nose tackle too, but they're just also waiting on making sure my grades are good to go."

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