Bynum Excited By Local Offer

Mar. 27 -- Anaheim (Calif.) Servite 2017 receiver Terrell Bynum is nearing double digit offers after landing his most recent one from UCLA on Thursday...

Terrell Bynum is one of the top players in what is shaping up to be a very good WR class out West in the class of 2017. The athlete actually thought UCLA would be his first scholarship offer but it ended up coming on Thursday.

"I'm very excited about the UCLA offer," Bynum said. "I visited there a few months ago and I actually thought they were going to offer me that day. Coach Yarber has been talking to me for a long time now and we have a really good relationship.

"Coach Yarbs just said to stay patient and it would come. We talk at least one a week and I called him Thursday to check in. He said to call him back in 10 minutes and when I called back, he told me they were offering a scholarship. He said he appreciated my patience with the process and told me how well I would fit in there. UCLA is a great school and close to home so like I said, I was very excited."

Bynum said he's not close to narrowing his list down but added UCLA would be in it until the very end with him.

"UCLA is one of my favorite schools for sure," Bynum said. "I like Coach Mora and the direction the program is going in and I talk to Yarbs a lot. He's a great coach, that's not just me saying that, I've heard that from a to of people who played for him.

"When I was in Junior High, I knew some people who played for him at ASU and they told me what a great coach he was and how he's generally recognized as the best WR coach in the country. They told me he's an even better guy off the field as well. Kevin Anderson is my cousin and he played for him at ASU and he said he still keeps in touch with him to see how he's doing so that shows a lot."

Bynum has also been offered by USC and the Trojans are high on the list as well.

"That was a big offer for me as well and I like Tee Martin, the WR coach a lot," Bynum said. "I really wasn't expecting that one, it kind of came out of nowhere for me but I was very excited. I really don't have a preference between USC or UCLA right now. Growing up, I actually liked Oregon because I had a cousin who went there.

"I was a big Reggie Bush fan though, he was my favorite player. I was pretty young when he played but we used to sit around and watch his highlights and I was amazed at what kind of player he was. Location really isn't a big deal for me to be honest.

"A few years ago it was, I thought I wanted to stay close to home but after taking some of these trips, I know I'll be just as comfortable playing away from home. I visited Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Nebraska with Team 19 and loved it out there. My family fully supports me to and said they'll find a way to watch me no matter where I go so I'm looking for the best overall fit and where I'll be comfortable rather than location right now."

Bynum said he's not planning to make an early decision but could narrow his list down at some point during this upcoming season and decide prior to his senior year.

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