VIDEO: Brendel on Klemm's absence

Mar. 31 -- Senior center Jake Brendel talks about not having Adrian Klemm at practice on the first day of spring...

Jake Brendel:

On not having Brett Hundley out there:
There is a definite change but its something I have to deal with. He's a great player, and he'll be missed but we have to move on. We have to find out from who the best of these right now is.

On not having Adrian Klemm out there:
The same way as Brett, he's our guy, we've been with him for three years. It's strange. But the guys we have now, Coach Marsh and Coach Bentz, they're filling the void.

On his goals:
Refine our craft, as an offensive line, its about our technique. Being efficient and as quick as we can be.

On spring practice:
It's not close to fall. Fall is awful for us. Spring is offseason. There is still a lot of time management problems where you have to manage your studies and football but they spread out the practices nicely. We have a lot of free time.

On Josh Rosen:
He's a very talented kid. Really haven't worked with him that much but we've sat down and talked about the offense and what I expect of him and what he expects of me. Other than that, he's on par with everyone else we have. We have to see which one is best.

On Simon Goines:
Simon is good. He's by far the most powerful offensive lineman we have. He's got a big body with heavy hands.

On the continuity for the offensive line:
Last year was kind of that year, we had a lot of guys with experience, but now its even more so. Four guys coming back on the starting line, and looking left to right and guys that will do their job that are next to you.

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