VIDEO: Young on Scott White

Mar. 31 -- Sophomore inside linebacker Kenny Young talks about his new position coach...

Kenny Young:

On any differences in his role with a new DC:
I knew coming I would have to have a big jump with Eric Kendricks leaving. They wanted me to be the leader so I stepped into that role. Been in the film room every day, learning the defense. Once you get out of football, you have to get back to it.

On Scott White:
Coach Scott was the first one to recruit me. He reached out to me before they offered. He kept it real with me. That first meeting he said you could come here and be something special and have the opportunity to start as a freshman. I could go with that. I felt strongly about that and went with it and here I am today. I'm happy for him. He's a great coach. He and Coach Brick were great coaches. Coaching in different ways. We're looking for great things from the linebackers this year.

On his goals:
Be the best I can be each and every day, on the field, off the field, in the weight room. I have a big role and I want the guys to respect me and earn their respect. I just want them to know they can count on me or second guess or get them lined up in the right position.

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