VIDEO: Starks Talks Offseason

Apr. 3 -- Running back Nate Starks talks about how he's changed his body and what his goals are this spring...

Nate Starks:

On what he did in the offseason:
Working with Coach Alosi in the offseason, he's one of the best at what he does. Working with us every day on our speed and conditioning. You can see it. I'm feeling pretty buff right now. I lost body fat and gained muscle. We have this bod-pod. He wants us to make our body fat percentage to be good.

On preparing for the season:
I'm playing behind the Pac-12's leading rusher and that's the best thing for my position. Paul is a great mentor. Every day, he's telling me something to do to work on my craft. He's going to push us to the end. I'm blessed to have him in front of me.

On what he wants to improve in his game:
I want to make sure I know what everyone is doing on offense at all times. I want a greater understanding of te whole game. See things before they happen, make cuts before I see the hole, score more touchdowns.

On what he wanted to work on:
My speed and explosiveness. I'm just working every day to become an all-around back.

On playing as a true freshman:
I think it was a great experience. I was blessed to get in to the games I got in. I was expecting to redshirt, but then I got to play with Brett and EK, it was a great blessing. It really stepped my game up from being a freshman. I've really matured.

On if one game it clicked:
My first game, Arizona, I was feeling like I was getting the hang at the college level. As long as you keep working, everything will be good.

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