VIDEO: Vanderdoes on D-Line's Improvement

Apr. 3 -- Defensive tackle Eddie Vandedoes talks about the new defensive coordinator, the defense overall, changes in the scheme, getting better in the off-season and more...

Eddie Vanderdoes answered questions from the media Thursday.

On Tom Bradley:
I love him. Obviously, he has a good history, coming from Penn State. I like what he's brought to the table. We've opened the playbook a lot. Stunts, terminology. I'm excited for the future.

On he was familiar with Bradley:
I didn't know exactly who he was, but I was recruited by Penn State. I researched him a little bit to find out what he was about.

On the defensive line without Owa Odighizuwa:
We're good. I feel like we have a lot of experience on the line, with Kenny and Takk. The other rotated guys, Matt, Jacob have a year under their belts. I'm excited for the defensive line this year.

On being healthy this offseason:
Its beautiful. This is my first offseason ever in football. High school, I was always in baseball season and then last year, I broke my foot. Even as a freshman, I was doing good, on a good track. Just praying I stay healthy and keep improving, keep dropping my weight down and get stronger and faster. This is the strongest I've been, ever, I think, just by lifting. I think its the fastest I've been. I'm 308 from 322. I was fluctuating from 317-322 and was 322 at the beginning of January. I would like to get down to 305 to 295. I'm getting there. Still working at it.

On how good he can be:
We're returning everybody but Owa and EK and Ellis, but we have guys that can step up and have some knowledge under their belt, that will step up in to that position and succeed. We get it. Most of our defense, this is our third year playing together. The trust level is up there. I'm excited about what we'll bring to the table.

On changes from the defensive coordinators:
We're running more stunts earlier, more blitzes. Its the same base defense, pretty much the same calls.

On the changing terminology:
It hasn't changed, it's more expanded. A lot more movement. I'm happy. More pressure on the quarterback, the better, the more it opens for picks and the more it helps us get back there and get sacks.

On evolving as a defense:
We're evolving more as a defense, but when Ulbrich left, we were at the peak, we were starting to hit that.

On Takk McKinley replacing Owa:
I'm real confident. Takk is a freak of nature. He's a tremendous edge rusher. He's always looking to get better and he's a hard worker. When I watch him on film, I'll see how he did.

On his spring goals:
Get better with the steps that I take on the defensive front. If the tackle is going that way, and the guard is coming my way, crush back. Keep working on hand placement. Working on pass protection and what the offense is trying to do to me. Things I can improve on.

On his fastball:
92. I don't think I can throw that. My little muscles aren't as strong.

On if he wants to throw the ball when on offense:
I was hoping we'd have a pass play. Maybe this year. I can throw the deep ball pretty well. You should check out my video.

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