VIDEO: Neuheisel on QB Competition

Mar. 4 -- Veteran quarterback Jerry Neuheisel talked about the different dynamic with Brett Hundley gone and winning the starting spot...

Jerry Neuheisel answered questions from the media Thursday.

On the quarterback job:
You want to have a chance to be the guy. As a quarterback, you want to have a chance. I can't ask for more of an opportunity and I can't wait to see what happens.

On if he feels overlooked:
I don't really put much thought in to it. I have enough stress. We have a lot of stuff going on already with the offense. Growing up with my dad, I know the media isn't going to be a fan of you until you do something heroic. I don't put much thought in to what people think about me, I just do my job.

On the Texas game:
I made about one good throw. That's what I could say about that game. Thank God I have Paul Perkins and a great offensive line. Jordan Payton ran a great route. They make my job easier.

On what he's worked on:
You have to work on everything, especially with a competition. You have to look at everything about your game. Its about being the best. Playing the defense, playing the game. Being the best you can be.

On starting spring practice without Brett Hundley:
I get a lot more reps. I get a few more reps in the pre-practice. We miss Brett. He was a fixture here and a good friend of mine and I wish him the best in the NFL, he's going to kill it there. As much as we miss him here, its nice to see him go because we'll ge to throw more.

On rotating reps:
I don't put much thought in to that, every quarterback knows you have to make the most of your opportunities. You make the most of what you get.

On playing with Josh Rosen:
He's awesome. He's adjusted well. A lot of information for him, but he's adjusted well and he's one of the guys.

On emphasis from the coaches:
At the end of the day, its about making first downs. The more efficient you make the offense, we'll roll. Keep making first downs, keep making touchdowns and as a quarterback, that's all we got.

On the new footballs:
We're using adidas balls. Whatever you put in front of us, we'll throw. At this level, the ball doesn't make a difference.

On Taylor Mazzone's beard:
Duck Dynasty? It looks like he can take a wood behind the shed and chop it up. I can't grow a beard. As my dad would say, it's a summer beard: some right here, some right there. I'm jealous of the beard.

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