Mora on Saturday

Apr. 4 -- Coach Jim Mora talked about the first day of pads, some installation, a running back flashing, OL depth and more...

Opening statement:
It was fun today. In pads for the first time. I thought they were spirited. They wore down a bit at the end. First day in pads, we'll come back Monday in pads. I'm so used to having Brett at quarterback and that rhythm, I'm getting used to the other guys. For the third day, we're right where we want to be.

On some offensive installation:
We worked a lot of red zone today. Some installation, formation. I've had a million people comment on how fast practice was, come back later when its faster.

On balanced offense:
We like to be balanced. We like to run it, but there are times we'll sling it. Its effective to have a good offensive line and the Pac-12's leading rusher. Any time you can rush it, it takes pressure off the quarterback.

On if Nathan Starks is the clear No. 2:
Yeah, but there is still great competition there. The first few practices, Craig Lee has flashed. Steve Manfro is a good player. Its a complete group of backs.

On if the light bulb is going on for Craig Lee:
I think so. He's so fast and explosive. As he continues to understand what he needs to do, he'll play with more certainty. Its important we find a role for him because he has true speed. Everyone comes along at a different pace. The light is coming on for him.

On if its been tough for Lee:
Its different for everybody, just the transition. When you talk school and social and football. Some adapt differently. The great thing about Craig, even though it hasn't worked out like he's wanted it to, he's always had a great approach. And it looks like it will be paying off.

On Simon Goines:
He looks good to me. He's got his bounce back. I noticed it today, he had to run from the end zone, as he was running, I haven't seen Simon run like that since he was a freshman.

On Kenny Lacy:
I think he's settling in at guard. He's playing left guard. We've have to move him around a lot. In three practices, he's settled in at left guard. The work in the weight room with Coach Alosi has paid off. We have real depth on the offensive line. Real depth. We get Caleb back next week and Quess coming back, and all of the sudden, your offensive line looks really healthy.

On a deep and healthy offensive line:
In the past, we've had to alter our practices. We've had to slow down. And right now, we have enough guys to practice what we want to practice. When you're trying to develop your quarterbacks, that chemistry with the receivers. Going against better players makes you a better player.

On spreading the QB reps over practices:
If you try to work four or five guys reps, it gets watered down and they can't get in the flow. When you give them a concentrated number of reps, they can get in a rhythm. You get 40 or 45 plays, there is a positive.

On if its easier to evaluate the QBs that way:
Absolutely, because you see more work on that day.

On Scott White:
Great. Its been seamless. And he's doing a heck of a job on special teams. He has great passion and energy and the players respond to him. He's an excellent communicator. When he stands up in front of the team, he has really great command and guys tune in to him. The most important thing is that you have credibility and Scotty has credibility.

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