VIDEO: Mazzone on the Quarterbacks

Apr. 5 -- Quarterbacks Coach Taylor Mazzone talks about Josh Rosen, Asiantii Woulard and Jerry Neuheisel after three practices...

On the quarterbacks so far:
Its only been three days. Today, kind of hit the wall of new material, but it went well. They're working together. There is a new vibe in the quarterback room. The guys are working hard and understand the job is open. I love the way each day they bring the hard work.

On the challenge of a quarterback competition:
I love it. The energy level and competition, the guys are ready to rock and roll. The guys didn't come here to be the backup, they came to be the starter, so the spotlight is on them. Every rep counts, every meeting counts. Everything from on the field to off the field is being evaluated.

On their offensive understanding:
Mike, Jerry and Asiantii have been here for two years, so they know what we do around here. The terminology, the communication, from the sideline to the field. And seeing Brett execute it, they caught on to it. Josh is learning what Coach Mora wants each day. The core and the image of what we're working for. Josh is a bright kid. All of those kids are bright kids. I like where we're at.

On if there are disadvantages to two quarterbacks getting max reps daily:
I don't believe so. Its easier for coaches. I think if you give guys five reps, its hard to get that flow. They need to go through reps and have more chances.

On Josh Rosen on Thursday:
It was good. It was his first time getting team reps in college football. I thought he handled it well. There are a lot of things for him to improve on and he knows it.

On the biggest challenge for Rosen:
Its one step faster from high school. Pocket awareness. If he has the confidence and composure to sit in the pocket, he'll be alright.

On Rosen's growth since enrolling at UCLA:
There are rules you can't work with those guys, but he worked with Coach Alosi on body mass. Now he's in football mode and practice mode, how does Coach Mora coach, how do we coach, whats the lingo. He's done a nice job of fitting in and knowing.

On Asiantii Woulard's growth:
When you think about Brett's era, you know where Brett and Jerry and Asiantii was. But now, everything is being critiqued. I see there is confidence, I see its now or never.

On Jerry Neuheisel's growth:
He's been here forever, what, 22 years old, being a coach's son. Learning the game of football has been simple. I've enjoyed coaching him and enjoyed having him in the quarterbacks room and I like where he's at right now.

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