VIDEO: White on the Linebackers

Apr. 6 -- New Linebackers Coach Scott White talked about his linebackers -- the move of Myles Jack inside, some of the younger players and more...

On his new role three days in:
I'm excited. I'm excited to be here, thankful, grateful. Its what I love to do.

On what he's doing different from Jeff Ulbrich:
We're doing a lot of the same stuff. A lot of the things Jeff and I did, colloborating, and if anything, taking it to the next level.

On working with Tom Bradley:
Its been great. He's a no ego guy. You look at his resume, you would never know based on how he carries himself and works with everyone on the staff. He gives me the autonomy to do what I do. He's moving around, getting to know the players. Its business as usual.

On the move of Myles Jack inside:
Just getting him in to the center of the action at all times. He was in a position where he could get isolated a little bit, but now we have him in the center of the action.

On if that's a better spot for him with his skill set:
He's a cover guy who gives us flexibility and versatility, so it gives us a lot.

On Kenny Young:
Kenny has been great. He's an extremely hard worker. He knows what he's looking at. He saw a screen play and sniffed it out. That's what we've emphasized with him.

On if anyone stood out to him this week:
Not necessarily, they've all done a really nice job of picking up what we've been teaching them. We haven't added anything, a lot of the same stuff we've been doing, but trying to make it better. Develop that continuity.

On Josh Woods:
He's been great. He's a very hungry kid, very smart kid. He wants to do well. He pulls me aside and asks 'coach, can we get some extra work today.' He wants it. He has an incredible desire and appetite for football. I told him, don't worry about it, you're swimming. When we get to San Bernardino, when your classmates come in, you're going to be ahead of the curve.

On Cameron Griffin:
Cameron has been good, really good. He's come along nice, getting back from the shoulder. He's working back in football shape. Keeping emphasized to him, function when you're tired. Fatigue will be inevitable in this game.

On his shoulder:
That would be a better question for him. I'm not a doctor, just the guy who's teaching him to be a better linebacker.

On moving Dwight Williams to safety:
Again, that would be a better question for Dwight and Coach Martin. I had nothing to do with that decision.

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