Book Loved UCLA Visit

Apr. 6 -- Three-star El Dorado Hills (Calif.) Oak Ridge quarterback Ian Book is hoping for an offer from the Bruins this spring...

As many quarterbacks are forced to do in the spring, three-star Ian Book is in the midst of a packed few weeks of visits. With the condensed recruiting timeline for most quarterbacks, where spots at most schools are scooped up by the end of June, Book and many other quarterbacks are forced into just this sort of schedule:

"I just went to Nevada and came back last week," Book said. "I then went to Boise State and came back. I just went to UCLA, and now I'm leaving for Washington State (Sunday), and then I'm going to Eastern Washington and Idaho. Then I'll come back and head out to UNLV. And then, in two weeks, I think I'm going to San Diego State."

So at a time when most high school students are enjoying a relaxing spring break, and most high school football players are in the midst of 7-on-7 season, Book is packing unofficial visit after unofficial visit into a very small period of time, in an effort to be able to make his decision by the end of May.

Book would be forgiven for not being able to tell one visit apart from another at this point, but when asked about his recent UCLA visit, he seemed genuinely excited about what he saw on campus.

"It was really good," Book said. "I'd never visited so I really wanted to get down there. Seeing practice, seeing the campus, and meeting all the coaches -- I've been talking to Coach Mazzone and Coach McClure for a while now, so it was nice to meet them."

Book was able to watch UCLA's first practice in pads of the spring, and he came away impressed with the pace of practice and what he saw on campus afterward.

"The practice was really energetic," Book said. "The level of competition was awesome. The quarterbacks were really competing. The campus was ridiculous. It was really nice. I wasn't expecting it to be that nice. Also, when we went to the UCLA Hall of Fame, all the national championships and all the people who have played there, that was ridiculous. I did not know that many great people went there."

Book holds a variety of offers from schools like Boise State, Washington State, and Nevada, but is still waiting on one from the Bruins, which he hopes could come within the next month or so.

"(The UCLA coaches) mentioned the camp in June where I could come and compete, but they mostly talked about coming to my spring ball," Book said. "That's going to start around May 11th for us, and Coach Mazzone said he'd be there. I plan on committing at the end of May or early June, that's what I've been kind of telling myself. So the last thing I'm waiting on is spring ball and who comes in then, and if UCLA made an offer around then, it'd probably be a little bit of a game changer. I'd definitely want to go down there one more time, but yeah, if they offered, I'd definitely consider it in a big way."

As it stands now, Book said he doesn't really have a true leader since he's unsure of what offers he might still get, but a couple of schools have stood out.

"It's hard to name a top school," Book said. "Since I haven't been to Washington State, I can't really name them in my top schools yet. Without being able to include Washington State, Boise State is at least one of the top. To be honest, every school I've been to, I've actually liked a lot more than I thought. I like Boise a lot, I've been up there twice. I'm excited to get up to Washington State because I have an offer from them. And they're Pac-12, so that's awesome. We'll see. I don't really have a top right now. I can't really include schools like UCLA or ASU yet since they haven't offered, so that's kind of where I stand now."

Book said that most of the schools who have shown interest already have offered, leaving just UCLA and Arizona State as two schools who are talking to him who have yet to offer. He said both have told him they'll evaluate him in May.

When asked to give his self evaluation, Book had this to say:

"My strengths are being a competitor, just loving the game. I have a good feel for the pocket. The pocket would break down a lot last year, so one of my strengths was keeping the play alive. The one thing I need to work on is to become a better dual threat quarterback. I enjoyed doing more of that this last year, and want to build on that going forward."

Book says he has a 3.6 weighted GPA.

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