Robinson Recaps Stanford Junior Day

Apr. 6 -- Four-star linebacker Curtis Robinson will also visit UCLA this Wednesday after attending Stanford's Junior Day this weekend...

Few players have seen their stock blow up this past spring/winter like Curtis Robinson. The talented linebacker has as much upside as any player in the region and has shown he's a high level athlete on both sides of the ball.

He's a natural fit at linebacker but could easily play wide receiver at the high BCS level. He's a fluid athlete with a great frame, a high football IQ and is always around the ball. He's not close to peaking either and his best days are definitely ahead of him.

On the recruiting front, Robinson and his family drove out to Palo Alto on Thursday and spent all day Friday and Saturday at Stanford for the Cardinal two-day Junior Day event.

"I was blown away there," Robinson said. "I knew it was going to be great but it not only met my expectations, it really exceeded them. We kind of split things up with Friday being more of the campus tour and Saturday we watched practice, saw the weight room and met with the strength coach.

"The campus is beautiful, it's big but I liked it a lot and felt very comfortable there. I spent a lot of time with Coach Bloomgren and Coach Anderson and also had some one on one time with Coach Shaw. Coach Anderson is the DC and also the LB coach and I like him a lot. I like his coaching style and how he interacts with the players. He's not a yeller or screamer, he's a teacher and I'm very comfortable with him."

Robinson actually lived in Palo Alto for two years when he was young but this was his first time doing the full campus tour.

"I actually went to pre-school on Stanford's campus," Robinson said. "We moved to Southern California when I was young so this was my first time being back and seeing everything. It's an incredible place and a degree from Stanford really sets you up for life. On Saturday, they had a faculty/football luncheon for us and we were able to meet with a professor in our field of interest, which for me is Business/Communications.

"That was a great experience and meeting some of the guys and students was great too. I know some have this vision of Stanford being a bunch of nerds but I didn't see that, it's a great group of guys. Watching the practice was another highlight for me. They were in full pads and they go hard. We had the freedom to walk around but I gravitated towards the 'backers and I like how they play and how hard they compete."

As good as the visit was, Robinson said he was never tempted to commit and still has more trips to take.

"I went in to the visit saying no matter what, I wasn't going to make any quick decisions," Robinson said. "I didn't want to be star struck, I just wanted to take everything in and then come home and process everything. This Wednesday, I'll be back at UCLA and Friday I'll be at USC.

"I've already been to both schools but I want to go check things out again. My first visit to UCLA, I spent a ton of time with Coach White and Coach Mora and took in a lot of information. This time, I want to watch a practice and get a better idea of how things go there.

"I was at USC for Junior Day and that was great. I saw the campus and did all the tours but I want to watch a practice and talk more with the coaches. I'm planning to narrow my list down soon and then hopefully I can make a summer decision. If I know by July, I would like to do it at The Opening but if not, it will probably be later in the summer."

Robinson said right now, he's still in the evaluating phase.

"There are still schools I like a lot that I haven't even visited like Michigan and Ohio State," Robinson said. "I'm still looking at them plus Notre Dame, where I had a great visit and all the schools closer to home. The two biggest things for me will be comfort level and what school can set me up the best after football is over.

"Coaches can come and go and even though that's a factor for sure, I'm really trying to take that out of the equation as much as I can. I'm looking at not just the degree but the networking after football. So hopefully by next week, I'll cut it down to 5-7 and then go from there."

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