VIDEO: Mora on Monday

Apr. 6 -- Coach Jim Mora talked about Josh Rosen's first day with the first string, the two veteran interior defensive linemen, and more...

Opening statement:
Productive practice, great energy, we got some good work in and good red zone work in. The only injury thing is Eldridge tweaked his hamstring a little bit, but I don't think its serious, he'll probably miss a day or two. I was very happy with the way we came out today. A good start to the week. We'll come out Wednesday and Thursday and then come back out on Saturday.

On Takk McKinley:
His eye swelled up on him. He couldn't open his left eye. In fact, in the meeting this morning, Scott White got on him for sleeping, but he wasn't, he just couldn't open his eye. They had to take him to the emergency room for some medicine, but he's fine. I just know he couldn't open his eye. It's no big deal. Not sure if he got poked. I think he's going to live, I'm pretty certain he's going to live.

On Josh Rosen:
He seemed to do fine. He's got a lot to work on, but he seemed to do fine. He didn't seem overwhelmed. I saw Taylor step in there and help him a little bit with the verbage. There is a lot on his plate right now, as you'd imagine for a freshman, but once the ball was snapped, he was fine. Like everyone out here, he's got a lot to work on.

On Aaron Sharp:
Aaron hasn't gotten a lot of reps at quarterback, and late last season, we put him at receiver. He feels the best path to get on the field is receiver. He has to learn to run routes. I dont know that its permanent or temporary, but at least it gives him repetitions. He wants to play.

On Kenny Walker:
He does some good things. Like everyone, he has good plays and then drops a ball. He has to continue to get better. Kenny always keeps a good attitude. Building consistency.

On the difference in Kenny Clark and Eddie Vanderdoes:
They haven't changed, they're just a couple of really fine football players. Just having the experience they have, both being two year starters. There is a level of confidence and feel for the game that is pretty evident. At times in the past two years, there had been some uncertainty in their play but not any more.

On sticking with the two quarterback rotation:
We'll re-evaluate after our fourth and after our eighth practice. I'm not sure what we'll do.

On Connor McDermott:
He has that body, a tight end body, but now he's that massive guy and he really didn't lose any athleticism when he got bigger. He's so much more physically stronger in all areas than he was in the past, but he's still flexible. He's just a very conscientious young man. Its very important for him to be a good football player. He works on the field, in the classroom, he's just a fine player. If he stays healthy, he has some special traits.

On Tom Bradley:
He's a vet. He's doing great.

On if Bradley will work with each unit:
He moves around in the meeting room, he'll listen, he'll add in. He takes it at his pace, getting to know the players, knowing the styles the coaches coach with. There is so much knowledge. He's coached every position. He's an encyclopedia of knowledge. He's a great addition to our staff.

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