VIDEO: Griffin on Return

Apr. 8 -- Redshirt freshman linebacker Cameron Griffin talks about returning to the field after a shoulder injury...

Cameron Griffin:

On being back:
Its a good opportunity to get back and work. It feels really good to be back out here, being back, being with the team, and trying to play.

On the biggest adjustment:
The tempo of the game. I'd been out of it for a while. Trying to come back and work.

On the injury:
I tore my left labrum. Rehab took a long time. Countless hours, putting in work outside football, in the treatment center. First time I had that.

On sitting out the season:
It was really disheartening. I wasn't planning on redshirting, hoping to earn a spot, but the injury detoured all that.

On his weight:
I'm around 240. I think I feel pretty comfortable there, but have to work on my conditioning a little.

On the defense:
When I was hurt, I sat in the meetings, listening to Coach Brick, so I took a lot of mental reps. I missed a few physicality reps, but no mental reps.

On where he's playing:
I'm playing weakside. Throughout high school, I pass rushed and covered. I'm just trying to work hard and play every day.

On linebackers coach Scott White:
Scott White is a great coach, he actually recruited me. I'm glad its someone I'm familiar with.

On Tom Bradley:
I love him, I love the way he coaches. Really stern but understanding.

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