VIDEO: Perkins on Running Backs

Apr. 8 -- Junior running back Paul Perkins talks about his teammates and his own progress...

Paul Perkins:

On spring so far:
Its going great. Its always good to come out here and play football with my friends, competing with the best of the best in college football and the Pac-12.

On being without Brett Hundley:
Its good trying to build a relationship with the other quarterbacks like Jerry, Asiantii and Josh. Its just a process.

On Josh Rosen:
I think he did a great job. He looked really comfortable back there. I think thats a great sign. I think the sky is the limit for that guy.

On his size:
I think I put five pounds on. Being able to be durable during the season is big.

On what he did in the offseason:
I watched a lot of film of myself, my opponents, where I made mistakes last year. I feel like I can always improve on reading defenses. Seeing the holes, if I'm reading defenses, I can run and attack them.

On the running backs:
These guys are just great. Its so fun competing with guys. Its iron sharpening iron. You can't ask for a better group.

On Nathan Starks:
Nate is a character. Football wise, he's matured since he first got year and really become a student of the game.

On a settled offensive line:
Its great. Those guys do a great job. I see Jake directing traffic. Its awesome seeing them grow.

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