VIDEO: Goines Talks Recovery

Apr. 7 -- Junior offensive tackle Simon Goines talks about sitting out last year and finally being able to practice...

Simon Goines:

On being back:
It feels great. Its amazing, its a blessing and I get to be back out there with my team. I feel good. I get treatment every day. It feels like it was before I got hurt.

On if he wanted to play at points last year:
I wanted to play the entire season, but it was the point at the beginning I had the other surgery and I said I had to suck it up, sit it out and get better. It sucked, but that was best.

On his weight:
I'm around 335. I was working with Coach Alosi a lot, a lot of one legged stuff. My right leg is stronger than my left leg. I want to lose 10 more pounds by the season, but right now, its good.

On his mobility:
I feel the most mobile I've been since I've been at UCLA. More fluid motion. That doesn't just come with health, that comes with maturity and knowing how to use your motions. I just worked on my sets, studied film, worked on my feet. Really, how to shift the weight.

On the line without Adrian Klemm:
We're adapting well. We have a strong staff around it. We definitely miss Coach Klemm, but we have to do what we have to do. We have Coach Mazzone, Blake Bentz, Coach Marsh and Jake. But we're all vets. I think we're doing pretty good. We've gotten better each day. We're learning plays better for the younger guys. Focusing on our technique, our first steps.

On what Caleb Benenoch's return will do for line:
I have no idea, we're just playing everyday.

On the experience of the line:
It feels a lot different. I don't have to really say anything anymore. Alex knows his stuff, Connor knows his stuff. I don't have to make calls for everybody.

On getting back on the field:
First day, I had a little jitters. I was nervous, when you break your ankle like that. I'm overly excited to get back on the field.

On when he felt ready to put weight on the ankle:
Probably like the last week of the season, I had been working in with the guys. I was doing extra work. You just have to keep working. I'm playing right, but I was taking left reps during the season, but the whole offseason I was working at right side.

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