VIDEO: Walker Talks Improvement

Apr. 7 -- Junior receiver Kenny Walker talks about working to improve his hands and route-running this offseason...

Kenny Walker:

On what he worked on most:
Mainly catching the ball. I had some problems catching the ball, so working with juggs. Just working on route running too.

On his improvement this spring:
I'm not trying to feel it, because I don't want to feel big headed, but I'm working every day to get better.

On being a multi-dimensional receiver:
I'd rather be a flyer, but its great because it shows other aspects I have.

On the different quarterbacks:
Its alright, its a great battle between them. They all have a lot of spin on it. Jerry has a lot of spin, but more of a put it on the money quarterback. Josh Rosen puts it on the money and has a hard ball. I like the competition.

On who leads in the quarterback battle:
I'm not saying anything. I'll just let it play out. Whoever is quarterback, I just have to be ready.

On if he has to adjust to harder thrown balls:
Its not adjusting to it, its mainly catching the ball. Doesn't matter who's throwing the ball, just catch it.

On who the toughest DB is:
All the corners are doing great right now. The one who's standing out to me is Johnny Johnson and Marcus Rios has stepped up his game a lot.

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