Long Visits With UCLA

Apr. 8 -- The Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola four-star cornerback, David Long, took an unofficial visit to UCLA on Tuesday...

Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola cornerback David Long (6-0, 180) has had an offer from UCLA for almost a year and the Bruins have prioritized him for the better part of that year.

The four-star took an unofficial visit to UCLA on Tuesday and had a good trip there.

“From academics and football to just campus life and the feeling, It went great,” said Long.

Long has been to UCLA a number of times, but still checked out the campus.

“I went through a campus and facility tour. I'm pretty familiar with both already though,” said Long.

Long was initially offered as a receiver and then recruited as an athlete but now is being recruited primarily as a corner.

“They want me to come in and play defense,” said Long. “They know I can play offense and depending on how things work, I could see some action on offense, but that’s up in the air. There is a chance I could play receiver, but as of now, Coach Meat (Demetrice) Martin is handling my recruitment which I guess means they want me to play defense.”

Long talked mostly with Martin on Tuesday but also chatted briefly with receivers coach Eric Yarber.

“I met with Coach Yarbs but for the majority of the time I was with Coach Meat,” said Long.

Long said he’s open to playing defense, where he’s shined this spring on the 7v7 circuit.

“Honestly, I like both positions equally,” said Long. “I've been playing receiver my whole life and I just recently switched to corner. With that being said, I'd be fine with just playing defense in college.”

Long rescheduled his visit from last week so didn’t get a chance to meet with head coach Jim Mora but said he’ll be back this weekend.

“I’m going to go on Saturday for their practice,” said Long.

Long said he's still wide open and won't be narrowing things down any time soon.

"I don't have a top five, but if I did, UCLA would definitely be in the conversation," said Long. "I don't have a time frame to narrow things, most likely around the season time. The earliest I could see myself breaking things down is mid-summer."

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