VIDEO: Mazzone on Offense

Apr. 8 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about Josh Rosen and whether he'll name a starter this spring...

On naming a starting quarterback:
They're all doing a good job competing. Coach speak.

On the challenge of finding a quarterback:
The positive is we've got a bunch of guys doing this offense for three years, which is different from when we were all new to this three years ago. Its been fun and exciting. I was bored with Brett, all those yards, all those 70-something touchdowns.

On if he has a timeline for a starter:
By Virginia. Nah, we'll go through spring. Like I told the guys, their world change when Brett walked off this field for the last time. They all are in the mix and all getting opportunity to perform. We never mistake potential for performance, it comes to how you handle the situation. Right now we're seeing if all this potential can perform. We'll go through spring and we'll worry about August.

On if their is incentive on naming a quarterback in spring:
I don't think so.

On if he wants to cut it down to at least two by end of spring:
Yeah. Whats the old saying? If you've got two starting quarterbacks, you've got no starting quarterbacks. Its impossible to prepare more than one guy during the season. Reps become a premium. It will trend down to three and then to two. Typical progression of any position.

On if he's looking at changing things in the offense with Hundley gone:
I get asked that all the time. There were things built in to the offense with Brett. Things I wouldn't do with others. Brock Osweiler was 6-7 and the same things were getting called with him. Its a matter of what decisions the quarterback makes. There will be a tweak here and there, but no 'my god, we have to change the offense.' Though a lot of people would like me to change this damn offense.

On his early impression of Josh Rosen:
I'm excited about him. The thing you want to see at this position is if they can see the big picture. Can he have wide vision and no where to narrow his vision to, besides the physical things. He gets the big picture.

On the last time he had a true freshman competing:
Shoot, I don't know. I can't hardly remember what we did last week.

On if he started a true freshman:
I don't think so.

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