VIDEO: Toran on Position Switch

Apr. 9 -- Defensive tackle Najee Toran talks about making the switch from offensive line...

Najee Toran:

On switching to the DL:
Its good, I like it. Its different from the offensive line.

On if he played it before:
I did my freshman year, but then I was all o-line. It doesn't make a difference, I just want to play.

On the biggest adjustment:
Stay in the gap. Once I get that down and get the technique down, I'll be good to go.

On who's idea it was:
Coach Mora's. He asked me if I wanted to go to defense. He said I'd be a good asset and I said I'd do it.

On how he responded:
On the inside, I was jumping for joy. Once they told me, I was like "I'm ready to go.' On the outside, I was calm but ready.

On if he was looking for a change:
Not really, I just was trying to get back in the flow. Trying to get back to it. After the first game, not playing again, just getting my mind right.

On what advantage he has:
I know how the offensive line thinks, their steps. Their mindset of doing things. I know their techniques, so if I see it, I can react to it. Going from O-Line to D-Line, you can be better at it because you know. You can tell where the ball is going, certain moves they do, not that you know the calls, but certain things they say.

On feedback from Angus McClure:
He said I'm doing good and once I perfect my technique, I'll be doing real good and everything will come with it.

On what he needs to work on most:
Everything. Its a new position so everything has to get better. Its a whole new world. I just have to get better at everything.

On getting his freshman year back:
I don't know. Whatever happens, happens.

On if he's having fun:
I'm having a bunch of fun. O-Line was one specific thing, this is hitting people, get to the ball. Its fun for me.

On what advice he was given last year:
I just know what I had to do. I had to get better at what I was doing.

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