VIDEO: Dickerson on Development

Apr. 8 -- Sophomore defensive end Matt Dickerson talks about his weight gain and being more versatile...

Matt Dickerson:

On what he's been working on this spring:
The basics, hand placement, technique, get off. We're working with Coach Angus every single day watching film.

On his weight:
Right now I'm about 270, 268. Bigger than last year. I came in at 280, dropped down because of the tempo, but got down to 260. Now I'm getting the weight back and faster and stronger. I feel I have a higher plateu of where I want to be, by the season, about 275-280.

On which defensive line spot he wants to play:
Whenever I can get on the field. Last year I played more tackle. Now I'm playing defensive end, tackle, all over the defensive line.

On his biggest strides:
Being more comfortable with the whole program, where I'm at. In San Bernardino, we were thrown right in to it. I love my teammates. Once you're more comfortable, it affects your game.

On if there was one game that he felt he got it:
Probably towards the end of the season, it just clicked and you get things down.

On if Angus McClure teaches different techniques:
In high school, I would just bullrush all the time. My get off was all over the place. But here, its all about hand placement and your feet.

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