VIDEO: McClure on D-Line

Apr. 10 -- Defensive Line Coach Angus McClure talks about Najee Toran, Matt Dickerson, and Takkarist McKinley...

On Najee Toran:
He's doing an outstanding job. I love to get a guy who's never played defense before, teach them the basic fundamentals. He's done a great job with our techniques. There are some opposite things coming from the offensive line, but he's getting it. He got almost half the reps.

On why they switched Toran:
He had a desire to do it last year, and spring is the best time to do it.

On Toran's biggest adjustment:
Using his hands before his feet. On the offensive line, they step in to their assignments, but on defense, they're reacting so their hands go first and their feet go second. We've taught him some drills and he's quite an athlete.

On Takk McKinley:
He's doing excellent. We all know he can rush the passer. He's got great quickness and speed and its great to see how physical he can be. He's able to play both spots. At times, you'll see him at 4i, or 5 and other times you'll see him at 9.

On Matt Dickerson:
We moved Matt outside. He's got great length and athleticism and he's kind of the swing guy and able to do both.

On the depth on the DL:
Excellent and a lot of experience. Kenny and Eddie around for their third year. Carl Hulick has emerged. I told him yesterday, on Monday, he had his best practice as a Bruin. He did a tremendous job. Ainuu has the ability to play inside and outside and 3-tech. I'm impressed with him. And Jacob Tuioti-Mariner has gone from 240 to 270. Talk about a guy who's embraced being in the weight room with Coach Alosi. He's not lost a step. He's a guy too who could, with his growth, play inside.

On the offseason for Eddie Vanderdoes:
This is his first real spring ball so I know he's excited. He's done a tremendous job. We set goals for him this spring and so far, he's pushing towards them. We all know he's got great power but we're working on some secondary moves for him and he'll continue to improve.

On Kenny Clark:
I want to see a lot from him. He's a very good player and we want to take him to that next level. He's got great identification when he's playing and we're working on some secondary things with him. He's continuing to evolve and we want to get him to another level.

On if he's coaching the offensive line some:
I naturally do that anyways. If there is something blatant I see, I always try to help the guys. When Adrian is here, we do a lot of things in cooperation and we're good at seeing both sides. We do a lot of team teaching. In spring, its not a race against time, we can slow things down and teach.

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